Friday, July 14, 2017

#Uganda's #SocialMedia coup is within reach - #MuseveniMustGo

Uganda will be the first sub-Saharan country to change a government using Social Media and the possibility of this happening is very good. If you have a smartphone, you have the weapon to go into combat with the dictatorial regime of Museveni.
Social media is credited for cutting down on outright police brutalities on the streets of Uganda. Now days you rarely see pictures of police clobbering people. A very good example is the swearing in after party for Hon. Kyagulanyi. Millions of his supporters descended on the streets without a police authorization and scenes of previous tear gas, clobbering people are not as common and thanks to you, the brave patriotic Ugandans with your smartphones.
Most of the ruthless dictators share a common fear of not being invaded by rebels or coups from their personal armies, but these days the fear comes from social media.  Things have changed folks. We have seen what social media has done even in the most powerful nations.
Now the government of Uganda has appointed an official team to monitor social media. Laws have been passed regulating social media, threats and consequences of not registering SIM cards all have done nothing to stop people from speaking out against Museveni's autocratic rule. The government's crack down on those violating social media stupid laws have fallen flat on their faces.
It was Social Media not Monitor, New Vision or the Observer, that prompted Rebecca Kadaga to come out of her shell to inquire about the age limit amended as if she just arose from the dead that she had no idea what was trending on social media. The good thing with social media is it is faster than the speed of light. What is happening in Uganda now, in a few seconds is all over the world.
Do not listen to those that say that "yapping" on whatsapp, cannot change anything but deep down inside, if social media was Span or you, we would be in Nalufenya right now pleading for food and water from the beatings. But this is not the time to let our guards down because dictator Museveni is also trying to figure out how to fight social media without using tear gas or bullets.
Now we need to take our fight a step higher. We need phone numbers from religious leaders, teachers, university guild leaders, Judges and lawyers, police personnel.  Someone somewhere has this information. You can e-mail me these numbers at and we will take it from there but we need your help.
You're not called a GENERAL PUBLIC for no reason. Let us leave the matters of General Public to the generals. There is no stronger general than general public. Let us get to work folks and what a great job you're doing. The age limit is the last safety valve we have and we will not take it sitting down. Fight on.
Don't you like to see Museveni and Janet bundled up in that silly NRM yellow bus hauling them into Nalufenya? I do.
Nathan Span

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