Sunday, July 16, 2017

#Uganda opposition youth hits back on #Museveni's #AgeLimit

There is no need for an introduction to the topic that has been discussed about by every Ugandan, politician, non/politician, leaders, activists, male and female. Both in Uganda as well as those outside Uganda. It is an embarrassment and a shame to know that someone who came to power promising peaceful change has turned about his own words.

Listening to the speeches made by this very individual is heartbreaking. One can conclude by saying this person is as a cunning as a hyena. In one of his 1986 speeches, he said “In Africa, we have seen so much change, that change has become meaningless. It is no longer change but Term Will. This group getting rid of that group and that group doing worse than the group they got rid of. People do not count us in that group of people.” These were the words of Mr. Museveni.

As a young Ugandan, my heart bleeds witnessing the very man who once said his group was not going to do worse than the previous group(s), we all know that, he together with other members fought a bush war, that left half a million Ugandans dead, and some still wondering where their family members are to date. The very person who knows the impacts of amending the constitution that he actively engaged in composing.

One clearly makes a conclusion that the current group has done worse than the groups they fought. This group has changed the constitution of Uganda, and still wants to change the most sensitive part it, that is the age limit. Please Museveni, you have touched our bleeding wounds for many years, and please, on my bended knees I beg you not to do the worst mistake as a human being and a Ugandan.

Please do not temper with amending the age limit. I believe many concerned Ugandans have expressed themselves by writing different articles, some of which you have read, some which you have been told of. Personally, as a committed activist, I know even if this piece will not reach your home, I believe my fellow activists and my fellow Ugandans will bare me witness that I once expressed my concerns about the amendment of the age limit.

To our Members of the tenth Parliament
You were voted to represent the voices of the millions of Ugandans across the country. Your works has been reorganized on a very minimal scale. You have betrayed many of your voters, you have gone on accepting every little bribe that comes in your face. We the youths, and your voters have always been watching you and following your actions.

We have been hearing rumors, till these were confirmed recently by one of your bribe providers. The Saturday Monitor dated July 8, 2017  wrote that, “ Museveni says many members of parliament of the opposition are just focused on eating and referred to them as political prostitutes who sell themselves to willing buyers.” If one of you has never been bribed please come out to the public and tell your voters that you have never been bribed.

You have been referred to as political prostitutes, and that, you easily sell yourselves to willing buyers, this time, trade carefully! If you have been one of the many political prostitutes, it is maybe high time you consulted your gods, your pastors, your sheikhs, your family to make a prayer so that, you do not accept bribes of amending the age limit. Remember, most Ugandans are the less privileged. The Directorate of Social Protection in the gender ministry revealed that “About 67% of Ugandans are either poor or highly vulnerable to poverty.”

To my fellow activists, ladies and gentlemen
I humbly call upon you to say no to bribes, this is our country, our future belongs to Uganda. It is clearly stated that more than 50 percent of Uganda’s population is composed of youths. This implies that, if we wake up now, we can take back our country. This will only happen if we Believe in the power that we have as the youths- Ugandans.

Every revolution begins at an individual level, it begins with you and me. It begins with your ideas and engagement be it through literature, music, drama, etc., all these are great weapons to rely on in a revolution. You are needed, you are worth and important. You the Youths-Ugandans! Just like in any other country that has demanded for democracy, every process leading to democracy entails commitment, suffering, and sacrifice among others.

Article 3 (4) -(5) Defense of the constitution;
It is prohibited for any person or group of persons to take or retain control of the Government of Uganda, except in accordance with the provision of this constitution. Any person who, singly or in concert with others, by any violent or other unlawful means, suspends, overthrows, abrogates or amends this constitution or any part of it or attempts to do any such act, commits the offence of treason, and shall be punished according to the law Ugandans are obliged to defend the constitution by all means necessary. Those who won’t shall commit an offence.

Article 102 Qualification of the president;
A person is not qualified for election as President unless that person is a citizen of Uganda by birth:Not less than Thirty-five years and not more than Seventy-five years of age; and a person qualified as a member of parliament.

Give us what belongs to us in peace,and if you don't give it to us in peace,we will take it by force

The Revolutionary Son

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