Friday, July 14, 2017

#Uganda #AgeLimit has brought out #Kayihura from his hide out!

Whatever you do, to oppose age limit amendment keep on doing it. It is irritating the security and Museveni's personal army. Two university students were arrested in Mbarara for mocking a funeral service for dictator Museveni. The students were expressing their objections to the constitutional amendments to lift the age limit requirements to allow the aged dictator to die in office.
The IGP, general Kayihorror, was flashed out of his hideout to go to Mbarara to arrest kids younger enough to be his grandchildren for expressing their rights to oppose the constitutional amendments. We demand the immediate release of these students and remind Kayihorror that there are criminals out there that ambushed Kayibanda and still at large. His efforts to protect the public should better be put to important duties.
Our tax payers money should be spent on protecting our citizens not spent on protecting dictator Museveni and his family stay in power. Kayihorror didn't give out a press release when Kayibanda was attacked but so it fit to arrest the young students.
Kayihorror has no right to stop anyone from discussing age limit from universities. Constitutional amendments is not a crime that if the public discussed it, the police investigations could be jeopardized by public discussion of the crime.
Let us stand up with one voice and show our opposition to the constitutional amendment to benefit one man and his family. State house is not a nursing home for dictators to retire from.
Get involved now and provide us all security personnel phone numbers and let us display them on social media. Let us make Museveni cry without touching him. If you are fighting a great power that you cannot defeat directly, you attack it from its weakest point and let us get security personnel phone numbers. Act now.
Nathan Span

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