Sunday, July 16, 2017

Should #Uganda's #Museveni be called a hero really? #AgeLimit

In peoples struggles, you cannot be a hero and a villain at the same time. For, there are values which make one and not the other. Even in the bible, when Adam and Eve fell, despite the fact they were the first humans who sired us all, by that fall alone, they got cursed and were surpassed by the Moses of this world.
When Judas betrayed Christ, despite the fact that he had kept the purse of our Lord for 3 years and was actually the lead man in that Jesus crusade, he became a villain and hanged himself, His previous service notwithstanding.
The list is endless. So, its ideological confusion for our leaders to refer to Mr. Museveni as hero! A hero does not fight and kill his own people. You may call him a hero because you are in the CONFORT ZONE, but make no mistake, the people are not stupid.
Those massacred masses of Kasese, the betrayed Luweero peasants who are now loosing the little land they had, same for northern Uganda. See the starving masses in several districts, the hopeless unemployed youth now being rounded up and taken to Luzira for being idle and disorderly (imagine that), all those perishing in the senseless regional wars, and under his watch, Our country sinking under the yoke of STATE STRUCTURED TRIBALISM through politically inspired balkanisation, as you see allover, latest being the Iteso fighting the Jhaps in Tororo.
These are not mere slogans, I mean, hero or thug. Just know, there must be a cut-off point below which you must be dragged to the bottom, past achievements notwithstanding. And that is the case too, like St Paul when he changed from Saul. He couldn’t be both.
By Rabba Naga – 16/07/2017

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