Sunday, July 16, 2017

PICTURES: Were #Uganda and #Kenya's Internal Affairs Ministers killed by curses?

In September 2015 Uganda's Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima died abruptly aboard a Dubai bound plane from South Korea. On July 8th 2017 Kenya's Interior Cabinet Secretary, Gen. Joseph Nkaissery abruptly died as he was being rushed to the hospital following what has been described as a heart attack.
Gen. Aronda had been an Army M.P and Chief of Defence Forces when in January 2013 he told a press conference that the army would take over if the politicians did not style up. This was after the then Minister of Defence, Kiyonga and Museveni had threatened that the army would not allow the politicians to 'mess around with politics'. This followed Parliament's strong stand on corruption by the executive. In 2013 Museveni appointed him as Minister of Internal Affairs. He played a pivotal role in privatizing the Police, immigration and National Identification Agency.
In April 2015 went with the then Minister of Lands, Saudi Migereko, to Amuru to help the regime to steal people's land. The elderly women of Amuru protested by undressing before Aronda and group. While Minister Saudi Migereko broke down and cried before apologizing, Gen. Aronda was unmoved and promised to accomplish his mission. Four months later, in September 2015, Gen. Aronda abruptly died on board a Dubai bound plane from South Korea. Some quarters have linked his death to the curse that had been invoked by the nude elderly women of Amuru in accordance with the Acholi customs.
Gen. Joseph Nkaissery retired from the Kenya army in 2002. He joined politics and President Mwai Kibaki appointed him Assistant Minister of Security. He became an M.P on the opposition, ODM but fell out with the opposition when he joined President Kenyatta before he was appointed the Cabinet Secretary for Internal Affairs. In early 2015 he ordered the arrest and detention of five elected leaders from Narok area for participating in a peaceful demonstration over corruption.
In March 2017, he ordered the brutal shooting of over 500 cows after the local herdsmen had invaded large private commercial farms in search of pasture and water. It is reported that following this incident, the affected pastrolists communities traditionally known for invoking curses, blessings or good fortunes, invoked traditional curses over Gen. Joseph Nkaiserry. ".... the clan elders have been praying and invoking sudden death for whoever gave orders for the shooting of their livestock in Laikipia.
They cursed the person involved to go down with the sun and die before the August 8th general elections." Indeed, on 8th July 2017 after he had had his supper he was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after.
On 9th April 2017, he warned the opposition, NASA against setting up a parallel election results tallying centre during the upcoming August polls. He vowed never to allow it as long as he was the in charge of the national security. He defended his active participation in openly campaigning for the incumbent President thus; .... I am appointed by the President and if he loses, I also lose my job."  At the time of his death, he had chilly relationship with the Masai elected and community leaders. They repeatedly called for his sacking and resignation.
If curses can work miracles, someone better curse Uganda's military dictator, Museveni who continues to 'sodomise' the country left, right, center.
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