Sunday, July 23, 2017

PICTURES: #Uganda govt salary increments - YES but for how long!

The more the NRM government stays in power, the more it becomes costly to maintain and run.
In the past, joining certain professions was a calling.  However, because of the way this govt officials have amassed wealth with just a certificate, I am afraid to say the demand for salary increments from govt officials will not stop.
As the cost of living continues to rise, as a strategy, govt workers including those with a solution have selfishly demanded for better pay.  If the cost of living is going high, don't think being paid highly will safe guard you against economic hardships.
The public schools which used to provide better education are no more as you decided to build shopping malls, hotels and apartments.  Shimon, Buganda Road Primary, Nakasero primary, Nakivubo primary are all just in survival mode.
Hospitals where these officials used to get medical services were scientifically destroyed to pave way for private hospitals which have not only become SHARKS but death traps because they look at money first.
The financial sector which would have been another place to run to was deliberately killed by govt running away from it mbu privatisation especially cooperatives and govt owned Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) was destroyed by this regime that believed having rich citizens will be hard for us to rule for life.....and Ugandans have lost property to these Vampires in the banking sector which they provided as security but because the economy is bad, paying back 25% interest on the loan has become next to impossible.
Bank of Uganda, the regulator, also joined sharks instead of supervision they just decided to collude with these mafias.  Inflation keeps going up with periodic announcements of reduction like 0.1%.
The agricultural sector which would have been a solution, farmers are on their knees either paying too much for the inputs especially the many people who had joined poultry business but this govt decided to levy taxes on chicken feed.  Now ask anyone; an egg that used to be at 100 is now between 400 to 600 depending on the source but this doesn't make the business lucrative, the profit margin is so little due to high cost of running the business.
Markets where the Wanainchi used to get their livelihood were scientifically burnt to pave way for shopping malls which these guys are paying in dollars at the mercy of landlords.
Rentals/Real Estate business, many people decided to get loans to start this business however, go and ask them now - the rental taxes are suffocating them.
Public transport another mess....
Where we should have run to
Parliament was the first institution exempting themselves from paying taxes and even went to court over the same so they can't say anything since they earn 25 million per month.
Permanent Secretaries did the same and now judicial officials have joined, next it will be police, District Leaders LC C/persons, Army, doctors, teachers, lecturers and boooooom govt collapse.
But because President Museveni wants to continue ruling this country which is on OXYGEN for life support he will agree to these FOOLISH demands as the cost of other urgent and pressing needs for services delivery like medicine in hospitals, clean and running water, electricity, education, security among others.
However, these guys don't pay taxes, so it will be us in the private employment and business who will carry this burden.
Question for you and I is FOR HOW LONG?
Look at this madness on top of salary increment, they also want health insurance, a government vehicle and security.
These want the salary of the Chief justice increased from 20million to 55 million shillings.
Deputy Chief Justice – 18M to 53M
Principle Judge – 10m to 50M
Justices of the Supreme Court – 9M to 34M
Justices of the Court of Appeal – 9M to 33M
High Court Judges – 9m to 31m
Chief Registrar – 4M to 27M
Registrars – 4m to 23m
Assistant Registrars – 3m to 20m
Chief Magistrates – 2m to 17m
Principal Magistrates Grade one – 2m to 14m
Senior Principle Magistrate Grade one 2M to 14m
Senior grade one magistrate 1.5m to 2.9m

Editing and pictures by Martha Leah Nangalama

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