Sunday, July 23, 2017

#Museveni tells #US ambassador he cannot relinquish power - #Uganda #AgeLimit

President Museveni has told US ambassador, Deborah Malac,  that he cannot give up power no matter what the majority of Ugandans think. In his revelations, he told the ambassador that he did not put his life on the line for others to take over. He emphasized that his people are still venerable should he relinquish power.
This comes on the heels of a vigorous campaign now taking place in Uganda regarding the removal of age limit to allow him to rule for life. "This is our African politics, survival of the fittest", Museveni told the ambassador. He went on to say that if he decided to leave power he would be subjected to lawsuits that could eventually lead him to prosecution.
On why then even going through a constitutional amendment, Museveni said that it's the only way out to go through parliament. When asked about forming a commission of Inquiry into Uganda's political past with the powers to forgive him after stepping down, Museveni responded, "it would be a great idea but we are dealing with the politics of revenge."  Furthermore, Museveni is not about to give power to his son Muhoozi as he believes that, the young Muhoozi is not yet ready to takeover power.
Museveni has authorized the IGP Kayihura to use force to break up any opposition to the constitutional amendments carried out by the opposition. Singled out is Ingrid Turinawe and to also keep an eye on Hon. Kyagulanyi's activities.  It seems the age limit amendment is already a done deal and now the only work left is to crash those that are opposed to it.
Nathan Span

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