Monday, July 17, 2017

#Museveni blames opposition for leaking #AgeLimit fiasco - #Uganda


Not all is good at state house Entebbe and Museveni is desperately trying to figure out how to calm down the irate population over the age limit saga. His most strongest opponent is finally waking up and thanks to the youth that are now getting involved in politics.

Not long ago, I told one of my friends that social media would be a catalyst for removing Museveni from power and many of Museveni's supporters did not take me seriously. Now Museveni is not so sure how did this happen. The government tried to intimidate social media users by circulating threatening posts that if you read anything political you will land in hot water as social media is being monitored but all that fell on deaf ears. Can we say that defiance is finally taking root.

Many of you have heeded our calls to provide more phone number contacts for religious leaders, security personnel, teachers, Judges, Lawyers, Students and you have responded to the occasion and more work is ahead of us.

Museveni has blamed opposition MPs for deliberately leaking out the constitutional amendment bill prematurely and he has called out Kahinda Otafiire to reduce alcohol consumption because he also stated publicly that the age limit amendment bill was gazetted when it was not.

In order to take attention away from age limit from the media, the regime has tabled the land bill in parliament but the constitutional amendments to allow Museveni die in state house is not going away anytime soon. We can revisit the land bill once Museveni is no more but we cannot remove Museveni from power, once the age limit is scraped from the constitution, then the land bill will become permanent and Museveni will make sure that it is enforced.

The regime is divided on how to neutralize Hon. Kyagulanyi and some have compared him to Hon. Kyanjo who was so outspoken before he was poisoned. The security forces want to slap trumped up charges to Hon. Kyagulanyi, so he can be constantly required to appear in court while others want to entice him with money and a ministerial position or even ambassadorship. Museveni was advised to write about the election of Hon. Kyagulanyi in a news paper not making him like look so important and to his surprise, Hon. Kyagulanyi responded to Museveni's editorial which did not go well the orders from above.

The more Hon. Kyagulanyi speaks the more the regime gets nervous. The regime is afraid of the population more than the people are afraid of the regime and that statement has rubbed Museveni the wrong way. One government official has proposed hiking prices on MBS in order to prevent the youth from accessing the internet. Millions of people especially the youth own smartphones and they are slowly being informed and awakened of their rights and with a dictator who has been in power for 3 decades, the future isn't so promising. Thumbs up to the awakening youth, and no turning back. ITS YOUR LIFE, YOUR FUTURE.

Nathan Span

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