Friday, July 28, 2017

Money paid to#Uganda MPs to support #AgeLimit came from #Rwanda

The Rwanda government funded and contributed the money that was given to MPs (Sh. 100M/=) to support the removal of age limit for President Yoweri Museveni. The money was obtained through the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the knowledge and approval of dictator Museveni. The government of Rwanda is ready to fund the age limit removal project to allow Museveni to rule for life.

It would make sense to amend the constitution to remove Banyarwanda from the constitution and not tinker with age limit. Banyarwanda are indigenous people of a country called Rwanda and should not by any means be included in our constitution. Our country is over taken by these people because they believe that they are entitled to a piece of land and employment in Uganda. They even demonstrated in Kampala in support of Kagame's change of Rwandese constitution to remove term limits and Kayihura did not tear gas them.

Those MPs that support the constitutional amendment to remove age limits must be charged with treason for accepting money from a foreign country to change the constitution. Just recently, general Kayihura issued a stern warning to those opposed to the constitutional amendments not to dare demonstrate as they will be breaking the law and will be arrested.

Rwandese in Uganda are allowed to participate in their country's elections and the government of Uganda has provided security for them to have a peaceful voting process that Ugandans outside Uganda cannot participate in elections in Uganda because the government refused to make it possible.

Many Ugandans have been arrested, beaten and even killed during presidential elections but Rwandese are peacefully allowed to carry out their voting exercise. Next month Rwanda is going to elect their president and the government of Uganda has already made arrangements for Rwandese in Uganda to vote.

Many of Museveni's supporters have labeled me a tribalist but pointing out the injustices committed against the people of Uganda doesn't make me a tribalist. Any individual who cares about his/her country would do the same. In the accompanying video, you will see Rwandese in Uganda peacefully walking to their embassy to petition their ambassador in support of Paul Kagame standing for a 3rd term. Why can't we be allowed to freely demonstrate against age limits removal from the constitution inside my country?


Nathan Span

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