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Letter to President @EmmanuelMacron & France ambassador @FrenchEmbassyUg to #Uganda on #AgeLimit

Martha Leah Nangalama
Scoudouc (Moncton), New Brunswick

French Embassy in Kampala, Uganda
Mrs Stéphanie Rivoal, Ambassador
16, Lumumba Avenue
P.O.Box 7212
Kampala, Uganda
TELEPHONE(+256) 414 304 500
FAX(+256) 414 304 510
Twitter: @FrenchEmbassyUg

Mr Le Président de la République, Emmanuel Macron
55 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
Ou en ligne sur le site de l'Élysée :
Téléphone. : 01 42 92 81 00
Twitter: @EmmanuelMacron

Dear Honorable Emmanuel Macron and Stéphanie Rivoal (France ambassador to Uganda)
Re: Uganda to lift Age Limit to allow President Yoweri Museveni rule for life

My name is Martha Leah Nangalama.  I am a Uganda-Canadian citizen currently living in Scoudouc, New Brunswick. I have 3 daughters with their father being from Liseux (oui la famille est francais).  Like many concerned citizens of Uganda, I am writing to express my disappointment in the way the French government continues to use tax payer money to support and cement in the dictatorship of Museveni.

All the other donors, funders and development partners have kept supporting the regime of President Yoweri Museveni.  Yet his Human Rights Record stands out as a sore thumb.
Just this past week, Madame Stéphanie Rivoal announced funding to the tune of UGX 49 million for Uganda for tourism because everyone knows that in tourism multilingual can fetch a lot.  What Madame Stéphanie Rivoal did was commendable but she did not mention the Human Rights record for Uganda.

France has been a partner for education, health and development in Uganda.  The concern is how France thinks they can help Uganda when they do not condemn Human Rights violations in Uganda.
Honorable Macron, Rivoal, the government of Uganda is preparing to amend the constitution of Uganda to remove age limits which is the last safety valve and this amendment will allow president Museveni to rule Uganda for life.  France has many problems with their former colonies in Africa and this amendment of the constitution in Uganda which you seem to be supporting will then tell all the Francophonie that you support and stand with dictators.

France must speak up against this violation of the Uganda constitution and your giving money for Ugandans to learn French is nothing. Absolutely nothing because many of us speak French before you give a bit of money.

France is well known for supporting despotic regimes in Africa. If you look at France’s former colonies in Africa, you will trace blood to many human rights abuses.  The only thing that is different now is that France can stand up to the despots which the former France built and say “On est avec les peoples”.  You will also remember that many Africans live in your country and your language is spoken globally.  But when you stand up and support killings in countries like DRCongo, CAR, Uganda, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burundi, Rwanda, etc.. you are telling us to return to the books we used in school when we were very young.

Why France should care about Uganda right now is not only does France have the money but France has the history.  You will remember that the French revolution started because of land, hunger and severe poverty.  Uganda is going through the same.  It may not be 1789 but it is now Uganda passing a law to forcefully taking away land from peasants.  You will also remember that France had the clergy controlling land and the peasants never had enough to eat, little education, no medicine and terrible living circumstances.  These peasants one day decided to storm La Bastille and the rest is history.

Ugandans currently have barely enough to eat.  The hospitals have no medicine and the medics are not paid.  The teachers are never paid on time.  The police and army are low paid and even wait months to be paid.  The entire country is suffering and sauf the 1 million who are pro-regime.  We have 39 million who do not even know if they have food for their families next week.  You as donors, funders and development partners for Uganda have chosen to turn a blind eye.

France has had a few terrorist attacks which were shocking and made many of us cry.  But did you know that in Uganda we do not get terrorist attacks?  Our own government kills Ugandans and you then just go and dine and wine with them.  Did you know that the Kasese Massacre (Genocide slaughter) happened in November 2016 when France had a strong embassy in Uganda?
Our children get bad education because teachers are not paid on time or if paid, they are paid so little.

Our doctors do not treat people from preventable and treatable diseases because the medics are paid so little and never on time and yet France funds health care and education in Uganda.
Our own army and police are so pathetically paid, they torture and kill and get away with it but yet you participate in training UPF and UPDF.

Then let us look at France.  Free education for all and superb education by the way.  Employment.
Media Freedom.  Freedom to assemble and discuss politics or anything.  Funding of inventors and protecting small business.  Protecting the elderly and disabled.  France gives many rights to their citizens but you do not want us in Uganda to have these same rights?

In November 2016, the government of Uganda carried out a massacre in Kasese where women and children were butchered and our developmental partners looked the other way.
Previous to November 2016, some 67 bodies of opposition youth had washed up on the beaches of Lake Victoria in December 2015.  No one said a word.

Much earlier than that, there was a genocide in Northern Uganda. A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE documentary.

The Uganda regime documents its atrocities on live camera beating up and shooting Ugandans and who has not seen the beatings of women and arresting of babies in Kampala?  Who has not seen the images or videos of innocent people arrested for crimes they did not commit.

BUT France would rather teach Ugandans French when they actually need food, medicine and school fees.  No idea who is your policy adviser but you can be sure that you are not working for Ugandans because your priorities are no where near what Uganda needs currently.

Mais vivre la France quand meme! Je suis Charlie! Je suis charlie hebdo


Martha Leah Nangalama
My daughters are born of a father from France (Normandy).  Je suis bilangue et je me debrouille pas mal en francais.

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