Thursday, July 6, 2017

Janet #Museveni pays sh.4 billion to sell #Agelimit removal - #Uganda

Janet Museveni has met some MPigs and given them 4 Billion shillings to popularize the age limit removal in the country. According to the meeting, Janet Museveni referred to her husband as AKAAKU ( an instrument used to feed and for protection).
The following MPigs and more that are not named here received four billion shillings to popularizing the removal of age limit:
James Kakooza
Ashraf Olega
Simeo Nsubuga
Gordon Bafaki
Paul Amoru
Hillary Lokwang
Ibrahim Abiriga
After the overwhelming defeat of NRM candidate Setinde in the just concluded by-elections in Kyadonddo East, Janet Museveni came up with a plan to use the rural areas as where the age limit removal has the strongest support.
In order to convince the international community, the government must show that the majority of the population do support the amendment and a campaign to show support in the poor sections of the country is underway. Janet Museveni is the most ardent supporter of the constitutional amendment believing that only her husband can rule Uganda.
Museveni talked about people misleading him into making unpopular decisions but he does not include his family in those group of people who give him wrong informations, but one thing is for sure, that the decision to attack Kasese was Museveni's decision alone.
The removal of age limit is a done deal and all this talk of opposing it by some members of parliament is just a formality to show the world that, there is some opposition to the constitutional amendment. The fifty year plan to rule Uganda is now a reality but what was in doubt was who was going to rule the most in the fifty year plan.
We the people, either get used to it or do something about it. Museveni is afraid of a revolution more than his government being overthrown by the army. In order to ensure that a revolution does not occur he has empowered the police to use deadly force and armed the police to police the general public with military assault rifles and also the creation of a strong citizen crime defender force.
I have been telling people for a long time that dictator Museveni should never be trusted. Museveni is a certified liar and very conservative with the truth.
Straight from the bush, the first thing Museveni did was to lie to the country the day NRA captured power. NRA captured power on January 25th, 1986 the same day Amin captured power but up to now the government is celebrating a false day of its grabbing power and all religious leaders have gone along to celebrate January 26 every year for the last 31 years even though they know very well the celebration day is based on a lie.
Now dictator Museveni is at it again letting others do his greed for power by fronting other people that they are the ones pushing for the removal of age limit and he is above it all. He used others as hitmen in eliminating prominent Ugandans while he was pointing a finger in the opposite direction.
Uganda has a document called a constitution but its governed without constitutionalism. We should resist this runaway dictatorial train that has wrecked havoc to our nation with no end in sight. Defiance today, defiance tomorrow and defiance till dictator Museveni is out of power.
Nathan Span

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