Friday, July 7, 2017

Do short and tight clothing breed tyranny in #Uganda? - #MiniSkirtBan

On February 1st 1974 President Iddi Amin issued a decree outlawing wearing of wigs. He argued that it makes "our women look un-African and artificial".  On the same day, women were banned from wearing trousers.  On June 5th 1974 he issued another decree outlawing wearing of miniskirts that are more than three inches above the knee line.  Iddi Amin (pictured being greeted Princes Elizabeth Bagaya who is donning a pair of shots, has been severally criticized for banning miniskirts during his so called dictatorial reign.
In April 2013, the President Yoweri Museveni government tabled a bill that sought to outlaw indecent dressing and in particular, miniskirts, as one of the behaviors deemed pornographic. The Minister of Ethics, Fr. Lokodo argued that the bill targeted "irresponsible" women wearing clothes above the knee in public because they are "hurting the moral fibre of Uganda."
Last week the Ministry of Public Service issued a directive on the dress code for Public servants. Females are required not to wear tight clothes, skirts and dresses that are above the knees while men are to avoid tight trousers.  The government argues that public officers were dressing indecently during the execution of their duties. The circular that carried the directive threatened stern disciplinary action for noncompliance.
All African dictators resort to such trivial draconian administrative measures to divert the attention of their citizens from their failures, repression and dictatorship.  Going by the dress code circular, Museveni and his wife (pictured above in tight trousers at a campaign rally in 1980 and in mini-dress in 1979 respectively) can be said to be the patrons of the so called indecent dressing in Uganda. Six years later in 1986, they took over leadership of the country and have occupied State House for 31 years now.
To what extent did their indecent dressing background help in making them oppressive?  Anyway, there is no cause for worry as Museveni will very soon do the usual needful, undoing the Public Service directive in order to get cheap popularity.
The country, under Museveni's tyrany can’t talk about indecent dressing when in March 2015 elderly women (pictured above) in Amuru stripped naked in public while protesting against land grabbing by the regime. They blocked the road that was being used by the notorious and treacherous former Internal Affairs Minister, Gen. Aronda and Lands Minister, Saudi Migereko.  The curse from that incident still haunts the regime.
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