Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dead #Ugandans get accorded more respect than living sick people

In May 2017, some dude I had never heard of had been very sick and could not get proper medical treatment in Mbale hospital.  He was one of the originals for FRONASA.  His family then tried to drive his sick body to Kampala for medical treatment but the guy died even before he reached Tororo.
His body was then taken to Mbale Regional Referal Hospital where his kabina was held till State House sent a convoy to take his dead body to Kampala so he could be afforded a State Funeral.  I really did not care because anyone who helped President Yoweri Museveni to invade Uganda is no friend of mine.
What then transpired is this Denis writing "thank you for not caring for him while he was alive but you now care after his death".  Denis is not one of those extreme opposition people but his statement is one to reflect upon.  The fact is we have so many of these regime people that sacrificed and are forgotten.  We have many of them flying abroad for medical treatment when 30yrs ago they would have been treated in local hospitals or at best, Mulago hospital.  These people lost their way along the way.  In all their religious belief in the one and only, they did not realise that a health centre in Manafa well equipped could treat them.  They also did not see that Mbale Regional Referal Hospital used to be one of the best.
There is something about Denis.  He teaches HUMILITY.  When that Fronasa guy's body was being taken back from Tororo to Mbale, I wanted to say "morons, the guy is dead, stop wasting our time".  But my little brother went ahead to say "why did you not care while he was alive and sick?".  So of course the humility thing will come later but he was so right.  How can you let someone who helped you into power die like a pauper and then afford him a State Funeral to the tune of UGX 60M while his entire village has no food, medicine or water and the kids learn under trees?
As a matter of fact, Bududa Regional Referral Hospital alone saved many people but now it has no running water.  All this while, the likes of the MPs and the biggies have never realised that on their way to the village, they might ram into a car and kill someone or they get hurt.  They have never realised that regional hospitals are the first point of medical care before they get air lifted to the Private Kampala area hospitals for more care.  The fact is if you get into an accident in Bududa and the hospital has no blood but you are bleeding profusely, the drive to Mbale is 45 minutes at best and if Mbale has no blood, the drive to Kampala is some 4 - 6 hours on the road as you are choking from lack of oxygen to your brain.
Ugandans and most especially people in leadership positions and policy makers must remember what happened with the KCCA killer Agaba.  In Kampala that guy would have been okay.  But his family is from Mbarara.  So when he was in the collision, he was first taken to Mbarara which had nothing in sight to help him.  Similarly, I cannot advocate for improving Mulago hospital when each time I am in Uganda, I am in Bududa. Consequently, I know for a fact that the minute I get sick, it will be Bududa first, then Mbale, then Mulago.  For this reason, I strongly believe that everyone should work very hard and advocate for improvement of the hospital for their local community.
VERY EASILY I could fly home for something but the fact remains that I am from Bududa and must go to Bududa the minute I land.  Consequently, if Bududa Hospital is not improved with medicine, running water, electricity and paid doctors, I know my trip to Uganda is doomed for never will I make my elders travel from Bududa to Kampala simply because I fear going to the village where I was born.
I have looked at some of these big people.  You get sick and get flown to CASE or Nakasero but you still die there.  Some of you get flown to Europe, USA, South Africa, India, Tanzania but you still die.  I am forced to admit that maybe your ancestors are telling you that you are not really special.  Your breathren are dying daily in the hospital where you were born.  THINK TWICE.  Actually, think deep for until your community is well, you will remain sick, hungry, poor, mal educated and thursting for what it is that you may never find until you locate that center of you that tells you "WE ARE ONE".
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada -- born in Bududa, raised in Bududa, educated in Bududa (sorta).
PS: Denis Wabuyi is an accountant in Mbale who writes and is a community leader.  You can find some of his work by using Google "Denis Wabuyi".  He writes for us the X-Files from the village.

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