Monday, July 17, 2017

Bastardization of #Education in #Uganda to dumb the nation

Political Education was expunged off the National curriculum by the government intentionally.
No wonder our government has put more emphasis on the teaching and learning of Science subjects than their counterparts the Arts subjects.
The effort deliberately extended towards the implementation of the deletion of the age-limit on the Presidency of the Republic of Uganda is a brain child of the divide and rule policy that has been established across all sectors and tribes throughout the country.
The students we teach nowadays without any knowledge to do with Political Education just won't understand the responsibilities of a good citizen from a political perspective among other cardinal importance of Political Education.
Outlawing Political Education in Secondary Schools and at the same time preaching "Patriotism" campaigns by the Government to me seems like slaughtering all the bulls in the kraal leaving only the female cows. What will impregnate them? We should forget all about the milk no matter how much we feed these cows.
Then when we turn to both Science teachers and lecturers alike, a lot has been done by our Government to ensure that there's a glaring ugly gap between the "Science" colleagues and their counterparts of the "Arts" subjects.
The Science fellows were awarded a 30% "Science Allowances" whilst their Arts counterparts got a raw deal of "0" percent Arts allowance.
The Science teachers who joined the profession on Diploma schemes and later upgraded to Graduate teachers have had their paychecks and scales upgraded to that effect whist the Arts fellows had not had theirs raised to Graduate scale as if they did not go to school.
Scientists cannot survive and thrive well without their friends in the Arts category.
Who is going to speak on our behalf? The Members of Parliament we have elected in and out seem not to be interested in speaking for us.
Not even the hitherto Arts teachers now in Parliament seem to be anywhere near the know of their teacher colleagues' leave alone their own former teachers' plight in as far as appointments from Grade V to Graduate scale are concerned.
The writer, KARIM NANYIRI is a teacher at Mbale Secondary School for English and Literature

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