Monday, July 10, 2017

All you need is pawpaws to sell your body for food in #Uganda - #Museveni #AgeLimit

What is happening in Uganda has never happened even during the swine led governments of Amin and Obote as Museveni calls them; swines. Today what is most important and most urgent in parliament is not how to help the citizens of this country get enough food but amazingly, the most pressing issue is how to extend dictator Museveni's rule for life.
Not long ago a mother was lamenting in shame for selling her body to strangers for three PawPaws to feed her children. Can you imagine that under these circumstances the issue on social media and in most news papers is how to extend Museveni's rule? Constitutional amendment issue is on airways throughout the country but people are dying of hunger.
At what time can the people of this nation stand up and say enough of this madness?  We all have a female relative or a female friend, how would you feel to know that your sister sold her body for three pawpaws in order to feed your nephews or nieces? Would you entertain the constitutional amendment bill at this time?
An MP just died during child birth and if she was given her life back would she support age limit removal from the constitution or she would fight to adequately fund healthcare?  Why should the majority of this country die in order to keep Museveni's family comfortable? This is beyond my God given intelligence to figure out why do Members of Parliament think that by being given 300M shillings, they are set for life. This money would not last even three months but Museveni would be set to die in comfort while women are still dying unnecessarily in child birth.
This is the last time dictator Museveni will ever bribe MPs because after he is set to rule for life, why would he still have the need to bribe MPs?  For those that have not seen the video clip of a young mother narrating her ordeal to feed her children after selling her body for 3 pawpaws the video clip is accompanied by this post. This should tell us that not all our sisters, brothers etc. in Ankole are living in the promised land.  The majority of Ankole residents are suffering perhaps more than the rest of the country.  Shame on those especially female MPs for not being sympathetic to the suffering mothers of our nation.
Nathan Span

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