Friday, July 7, 2017

Active registration of #Refugees as nationals is underway - #Uganda #AgeLimit #Constitution

The ministry of Internal Affairs is actively issuing National Identification Cards to the refugees and young people who would turn 18 years of age shortly after February 2021.
The late Aronda was opposed to this exercise and perhaps it cost him his life. While Ugandans are preoccupied with constitutional amendment saga which is already a done deal, the NRM government has moved on to finding new voters in refugees and young people.
According to the National Executive Committee (NEC) it is an utter most urgent priority to get this done as Kyadonddo East by election cannot be duplicated in 2021. Museveni was taken by surprise by Hon. Kyagulanyi's victory and Museveni for the first time questioned why all those people that attended his Kyadonddo political rally did not vote for Setinde.
What Ugandans do not understand is that, the age amendment bill is a done deal and now its time to register all the refugees in the country as NRM supporters. Many refugees have been promised to be given jobs and land for settlements. The recent announcement of land being taken over by the government for development was to hoodwink land owners so that their land is given to the refugees for settlements.
The land in question is mainly in Eastern regions of the country specifically Bugisu, Busoga and the Northern part of Uganda like in Karamoja, Apaa, Apac, Amuru, etc.. Uganda was given $85M USD for resettlement of the refugees but this money is being used by the ministry of Internal Affairs to print refugee national identification cards.
The majority of refugees come from Burundi, South Sudan, DRC  and Somalia. However, even Rwanda has an open boarder policy only for Rwandese getting into Uganda.
Nathan Span

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