Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wonderful #dictators who have won numerous electioms - #Uganda #DrCongo #Rwanda #Museveni

Well Museveni said if a dictator wins more elections then he is a wonderful dictator. Here is a list of wonderful dictators:

1. Kazakhstan:
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been winning elections since the Soviet Union dissolved. Jailed opposition leaders during and after elections. The opposition is nonexistent. His party always have the majority in the legislature

2. Iraq:
Saddam Hussien won numerous elections, jailed would be opponents, opposition nonexistent. His political party had the majority in the legislature

3. Fidel Castro
A revolutionist won elections since 1959-1976 as a Prime Minister and continued winning 1976-2008 as president. This one could not take any chances. No opposition at all.

4. Zimbabwe
Robert Mugabe this guy is loved. Very popular like Museveni. This guy always wins by 60-68%. He puts his opponents in jail. He is a revolutionist too. He has been winning it all since 1975. His party has the majority in legislature

5. Philippines
Marcos... yah? Filipinos loved him to. He won elections from 1965 to 1986. He jailed and killed his opponents. His party had the majority in the legislature. Filipinos woke up one day and withdrew their love and sent him packing in a hurry to USA.

6. Venezuela:
Hugo Chavez
This guy was a military guy like someone I know. He won elections since 1998 till his death getting 60-68% of the votes. He jailed his opponents. Even on his deathbed he still wanted to run.

7. Haiti
Baby Doc Duvalier
Haitians loved him so much. They even nick named him Baby Doc. He won elections from 1971-1986,  when his friends in the army had enough of him winning, they sent him running for his life to France. He had the majority in the legislature and yes, he imprisoned his opponents.

8. Egypt
Hosni Mubarak, this guy was born to win. One voter voted for an opposition candidate but he was so scared and went back to the polling station and told the police that he had made a mistake and was so sorry. He told the policeman that he had voted for the wrong candidate. The police told him never to worry as they had spotted his error and corrected it. No joke. He had the majority in legislature too.

9. Equatorial Guinea
Nguema Mbasogo
He even came to Uganda to visit his dictator friend in arms. This guy has been winning since 1979 and there is no end to his winning. Jesus is love

10. Uganda
How can we forget the one and only. Kaguta Yoseri Museveni. This guy is a revolutionist too. He is like the bunny rabbit. He keeps winning and winning. I will give him credit. At least he gives people who attend his rallies a T-Shirt and transportation to attend his rallies but on going back to the point of origin????? He has the majority in the legislature.

Paul Kagame, this guy needs to consult professional dictators on how to convince the world that he is really loved. This guy couldn't hide his excitement of removing term limits from the constitution. He blamed those over zealous Rwandese that they loved him so much and blamed them for not allowing him to leave power.

Nathan Span

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