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VIDEO: Why #Uganda’s #Kadaga was very right on Rwanda's intolerance of crooks

Around October 2016, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga made a statement to the effect that; ".... Uganda is really a lenient country; how can Gashumba a Rwandese, abuse us in Uganda? He can't do that in Rwanda." This statement was in reaction to Frank Gashumba's attack on Kadaga where he described her as belonging to the Stone Age.
In November 2014, another Rwandese, George Mutabaazi, the Chairman LC V of Lwengo District hit headlines when he publicly went on rampage caning adult residents of Lwengo while forcing them to do community service.  In the company of armed policemen, he was captured by the media. He publicly bragged that he didn't care about his reputation or elections, but the development of Lwengo.
The regime did nothing to him but he was instead re-elected to the same position in 2016.  In August 2016, he was elected unopposed as the President of Uganda Local Government Association. Lwengo District is a new-found Rwandese stronghold in Uganda.  It’s the home of other prominent Rwandese like Col. Felix Kulaigye and the recently slain Police Chief, Felix Kaweesi.
Chairman George Mutabaazi’s luck ran out of hand yesterday when he attempted to take his arrogance and impunity to Rwanda. The Rwandese security grabbed him off the plane scheduled for Uganda. The airline gave a statement to the effect that their action against Mutabaazi was meant to ensure the safety of their flight and passengers and that Mutabaazi was disembarked from the flight due to his disorderly behaviour.
The Banyarwanda controlled Uganda Police was quick to issue an uncalled-for statement that Mutabaazi had insisted on sitting in the Business Class yet he had paid for the Economy Class.  What really had this to do with the Uganda Police to the extent that a whole Police Spokesperson had to issue a statement!!!
Mutabaazi has come out to give his side of the story claiming that he was in Kigali on transit from Burundi. That it was a case of mistaken identity when security asked him to get off the plane for questioning and he resisted by raising an alarm to alert fellow passengers. That he later explained himself to the security officials who cleared him for the next flight to Kampala.
The Tutsi regime in Rwanda suspects that there is something going on against them in Uganda. It also looks down upon the Banyarwanda in Uganda who opted to stay behind when their kinsmen and women returned to Rwanda. The worst category is of those Banyarwanda who did not even want to be identified as such leave alone being associated with concerted efforts during the armed war that returned them home.
The likes of Donat Kananura played a vital role in supporting the RPF war thus enjoy leverage and immunity in both countries. Moreover, some of the influential Banyarwanda in Uganda are Hutu and sympathetic to the worldwide Hutu cause to recapture power in Rwanda.
Rwanda is currently nursing bad blood with the Hutu regime in Burundi and it’s not a coincidence that Mutabaazi was questioned on transit from Burundi thus the so called "Mistaken Identity".  By the Uganda Police in Kampala and not the Uganda Embassy in Kigali rushing into issuing a panicky statement over a simple personal matter, depicts either guilty consciousness or backwardness.
But watch the space, we are yet to know the exact source of the friction. However, one thing is clear, the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga was 100% right that some of these Rwandese who abuse Ugandans can't do it in Rwanda.  Mutabaazi's wings have been trimmed in Kigali.
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