Wednesday, June 21, 2017

VIDEO: #Uganda law to force govt seizure of land - #LandGrabbing reactions from Ugandans

The following are comments some Ugandans posted on the Daily Monitor article from 3 days ago which talked about the Land Minister, Betty Amogi, amending the law to allow government to seize by force land from anyone across the country for purposes of DEVELOPMENT.
Make no mistake about this.  This is nationalization of land or pure LAND GRAB.  The current killings in Apaa, Amuru (Madi) are not a one off sight mistake.  Neither are the battles raging in Tororo between the Iteso and the Japadhola.
grant • 2 days ago
If government has not been able to develop Uganda with what it has had for the last 30 years, eg they have failed to deliver services which Ugandans need most, will land acquisition by government, bring those services? so now they want to rely on the so called investors from outside to come and develop their country and do their work for them, when they will just repatriate their profits anyway?. The whole thing of land acquisition has nothing to do with development and has everything to do with individuals in government wanting to grab land from Ugandans and dispossess them!
Paul Mayende • 2 days ago
From what we saw during the Kantutu Parliamentary inquiry where money meant for compensation of land owners was banked on the contractors accounts in China, no one can doubt the fact this move will lead to landowners not being paid at all. Anyone who has experienced following up funds with government including that within Pension Scheme, which ideally should be as easy as 1+1; will not cease their land to government without pay. We know how the monster of corruption has eaten us and it is not wise for anyone to create the path for the monster to ride on. If the project has been designed, evaluations done, project calculations made based on the realities on the ground, funding secured; why should compensation be a problem? What about evicting entire villages and parishes for the investors and sending the people no where, without compensation to either rent accommodation or pay their bills?
ahamushozi kanungu • 2 days ago
while land ownership and probable acquisition by governent should be streamlined, it shouldn't be at the discretion of the M7; how about we start with that ranch in Gomba?!
atizzy2004 • 2 days ago
Under normal circumstances, I would be in favour of such a bill however, given the levels of incorrigible corruption by state actors it looks like a recipe for disaster.
grant • 3 days ago
That law is impratical, It wont work!!
Geoffrey Buga • 3 days ago
The fears about amendments to this land bill have more to do with lack of trust in government when it comes to land issues. We have all witnessed the free giveaway of public land to phoney investors and attempts to give away Mabira Forest and people's land in Amuru to so-called investors. In addition the private people who have grabbed most land from hapless peasants are government functionaries who the government does not see fit to sanction. There is also the possibility that land might be forcefully taken away from political opponents without a clear public need for it. If our institutions were working normally without everything being politicized with involvement of President Museveni, it might be different. But our institutions are not only dysfunctional, but full of corruption and fraud. The people who rushed to dispossess peasants in Bunyoro of their land when they anticipated the oil industry will need land are top government and military officers. That is the source of the discontent with the planned amendments. It is up to government to clean up its own image. I am not holding my breath, though!
Arthur Paulo Kamuntu • 3 days ago
Ms Amongi may have three pairs of eyes, ears and legs, [etc?], but she has only one head and she has no good record of utilising the grey matter therein! She is neither a Lawyer nor a Land Economist. So her contribution to the Land Reform Bill is just like a blind man leading a baby elephant through a maze! Whatever she plans to do in the Amendment Bill is completely and absolutely illegal! Her boss has led her astray. And both, she and he, will pay dearly for their arrogance! They cannot wantonly steal property from the people. That is outright unconstitutional and any Ugandan will be free to take the Uganda Govt and its favoured Investors to the International Court and stop them doing so! Any any International Body whether the IMF or not, intending to disregard the people’s objections will also pay dearly!! Watch this space! THE LAND GRABBERS MUST BE STOPPED BY ANY MEANS!
Martha Leah Nangalama

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