Friday, June 2, 2017

VIDEO: #Uganda govt persecutes #Muslims as the world watches with no care - @IGPUganda @aKasingye @EUAmbSchmidt @USAmbUganda

Why it comes with a price is because the current regime has done nothing but murder Muslims, raid their mosques, arrest them on dubious charges and hound them like dogs.  Uganda government is also involved in stupid lies like there is terrorism in the country which is not true at all for even the regime itself created ADF, LRA and PRA.

Western countries must wake up to the manipulation of President Yoweri Museveni and the constant blackmail of the donors and funders.  As a matter of fact, when he threatened to pull his army out of CAR (Central African Republic) did it have to take President Donald Trump to realise it was bluff?

President Museveni keeps saying he will pull his army out of Somalia I suppose to spite you but we all know he needs the money he grabs off that mission and you seriously think he is the only one who can beat Al Shabaab in Somalia?  Try President Uhuru Kenyatta whose KDF has proved more lethal than Museveni's UPDF.  As a matter of fact, Museveni's officers train and fund Al Shabaab. Please refer to articles our team published in the past.

The 11 army officers who were flown out of Uganda in the dark to be court martialed in Somalia and be imprisoned there were tortured to near death and it is mostly because they had disclosed some of their bosses selling arms to Al Shabaab. If terrorism were real in Uganda, Al Shabaab would have attacked that country years ago half asleep.  Mostly because the poverty runs so high it would be like the terrorists who slipped some small money to the border guards in Kenya to go slaughter the kids at Garissa University.

Do you remember that they paid only KE. 3 million to cross in?  I bet in Uganda you can pay a mere $250 and slip in a bomb.  Even the UPF and UPDF go months without being paid and that would be good money in a country where people are living on water and air.  So do not let Museveni keep blackmailing and fooling you that there are terrorists in Uganda.  His regime is the real terrorist.  Killers of our people in broad daylight.  He called you useless.  He was right.  Useless to the basic rights of Ugandans and his regime will continue robbing and killing and you ain't gonna do nothing about it either.

Now back to these ongoing arrests.  It is very dangerous to be a Muslim in Uganda.  They get gunned down and the live ones are accused of murders which the police themselves commit.  The West turns a blind eye because after all they are just Muslims and thought of as terrorists.

Why exactly does Uganda police always arrest Muslims and no one pays attention?  There is an article in The Observer where the women of the arrested Muslims have no food and no school fees for their children.  Why did this Gen. Kalekyezi Kayihura not think about such basic necessities when his goons went arresting the Muslim husbands?

The fact that the US and EU or UK have never come out condemning the grotesque tortures of suspects goes to say how two faced you all are.  We keep sharing this information so that you know that Uganda is abusing human rights and yet each month you send money to Uganda. In any case, USA is a total loss because the day Asan Kasingye released the kidnapper of those two American children skipping all Interpol regulations is the day America should have put a stop to the money you keep feeding the leeches.  AND then the same man was appointed speaker of the Police and you all just sat there like there was nothing wrong with that at all.  Then this Kalekyezi issues a dumb apology about torture and you do not demand that all the innocent in the torture chambers be released.

Have you ever wondered why half the world celebrates when terrorists strike your countries?  Or we do celebrate.  Why we celebrate is because you have reduced us to collateral damage and do not give a hoot about our people, our tortures, our hunger and our deaths.  You are very superficial people and may thunder strike you all!

Martha Leah Nangalama

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