Friday, June 23, 2017

VIDEO: #Museveni drops treason charges against #Besigye #Uganda @FDCOfficial1


Dictator Museveni who bragged about being a wonderful dictator on Al-Jazeera interview when asked why people are now calling him a dictator and his response was a dictator voted in five times is a wonderful dictator, has chickened out of going through with his case against Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

Doctor Besigye was indicted for treason after he was sworn in as a new president of Uganda after the 2016 rigged elections in which the EC selected Museveni as the winner. Museveni was advised to let the case go as Dr. Besigye had incriminating evidences to pin down Museveni.

The attorney general advised the government that bringing the treason case against KB was not in the best interests of Museveni.

International community also put pressure on dictator Museveni that if he went ahead and prosecuted KB, the international community would pull out their diplomats out of the country.

After Museveni agreed to abandon the treason case against KB, the international community quietly recognized Museveni not as the elected president but a president of Uganda.

Among the evidences that was to be presented was on record where Museveni and Kayihura gave orders to Dr. Kigunddu to delay delivering ballot papers in Wakiso District in which KB had the most supporters.

Henry Tumukunde and Muhoozi were both involved in counting of votes in a house at Kololo and the EC was never involved in counting the votes as that process was taken over by the IGP and Special Forces.

FDC supporter who was an undercover as an NRM diehard, was killed and her body dumped in a riverin Mbarara, had video taped Janet Museveni instructing NRM supporters to pre-tick ballots for NRM candidate Museveni.

The recordings were given to Dr. Besigye and also was informed of votes being counted in a house in Kololo and when KB went to the house he was arrested on that very day and put away for months after the election. Dr. Kigunddu had nothing to do with the election and was instructed to leave the election process to the security forces.

Nathan Span

Besigye Swears in as President of Uganda

Dr. Kizza #Besigye Swearing in for president of Uganda, 2016. Video courtesy of Moses Atocon

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