Thursday, June 1, 2017

VIDEO: Let my people go or I will send you pests and pestilences @KagutaMuseveni @USAmbUganda @EUAmbSchmidt

The Prince of Egypt is a Disney production about Moses freeing the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.
There is the part when Moses had gone into the dessert.  He had received the 10 commandments from a burning bush.  Kyoka people who wrote the Bible can be creative.  So Moses is then tasked to return to Egypt to demand that his young brother Prince Ramases (now Pharaoh) lets Moses' people go.
When the brothers meet, it is old times till Moses tells Ramses to free the slaves and let the Israelites go free.  Remember no one could command a Pharaoh.  So Ramses ignores his love for his older brother Moses and puts his foot down and refuses to let Moses' people go.
We then get to that part where Moses tells his beloved brother "there will be pests, pestilences and worse if you do not let my people go".
Why The Prince of Egypt matters is that part where Moses says "I am a sovereign Prince of Egypt".  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a sovereign Princess of Uganda.  Let my people go.  You must understand that this fight is real.  I will not stop till President Yoweri Museveni lets my people go. ....let my heart be hardened.
In 4.5yrs of begging for my people to be set free and they were not set free, we now have drought, army worm, bird flu, ebola around the corner and then the new one Tilapia virus.  The country is suffering because the people are not free.  If Museveni lets my people go, all this suffering will stop.  But until then, it will get worse. AND the beauty of this curse is no one can lift my curse except my father.  LET MY PEOPLE GO!  Soon, your rivers and lakes will be full of blood.  You shall also keep killing your own as you contemplate on the freedom of Ugandans.  No nation can live forever in slavery and impoverishment.  You make a very BIG mistake to keep Ugandans in poverty.  The price is far too high.
Back to Medical Care.  Thanks for killing off Carol.  It is now a new fight.  May her soul not rest in peace until all Ugandans get access to medical care.
Martha Leah Nangalama

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