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#UNHCR praises #Uganda for hosting refugees - #RefugeeSummit to blackmail west for blood money

This is where things are totally messed up and these "donors" people refuse to understand and yet they know the exact problem of the refugee influx. 
  1. UN, US, EU, UK and their partners supply arms for President Yoweri Museveni with the US even providing military training for an army which is well known for major atrocities and crimes against humanity.
  2. They then watch as Museveni sends his army to invade the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and plunder its resources leaving millions of people dead.
  3. Soon after, the same UPDF invades South Sudan in the claims of sparing South Sudan from a genocide. How is that working out for you all now?
  4. Meanwhile in Somalia, the same army trains and arms the terrorists so that the war can keep going on since war is the best way for Museveni to blackmail the west and keep getting money.  The few fearless in UPDF who talk about their bosses selling ammunition to Al Shabaab get imprisoned, tortured and court martialled with some even currently imprisoned in Somalia for having dared to say UPDF was colluding with Al Shabaab.  Does it not surprise you how brutal the attacks in Somalia get every time there is mention of Amisom losing some funding?  Anyway President Donald Trump is onto you now.  He authorised strikes, sent in US soldiers and is re-opening an embassy in Somalia.  We will see how you will blackmail the Americans now.  Plus Turkey is also opening up a military training camp there and we know Erdogan hates terrorists.
  5. Of course we have the refugees from Burundi.  Exactly what were you thinking when you appointed Museveni to be the negotiator for peace in Burundi after the failed coup when he very clearly betrayed the Burundi opposition and handed them over to President Pierre Nkurunziza.  Now you should also ask how that peace negotiation in Burundi is working out.
  6. So what you prefer to do is fund Museveni, fund his wars, displace millions of Africans from their homes so that they come into Uganda and watch our people's land be forcefully taken away and given to foreigners. Then of course you give them food as Ugandans are starving to death.  You give them free education and medical care as Ugandan children drop out of school for lack of school fees and as Ugandans die of even basic malaria for lack of money to pay for treatment and you expect Ugandans to be jubilating about this BEGGAR #RefugeeSummit?  
  7. Today alone you are in Ugandan and the brutal regime is rounding up opposition, arresting and raiding offices, you have not asked to go to Kasese to dig up the mass graves, you have not visited Nalufenya to see the torture chambers and we should  thank you?  I hope you catch cholera while there!
  8. Remember that you are also the ones who send in your highly paid "AID" workers to nurse and feed the refugees. Why can you not send them to our slums to also nurse and feed the suffering Ugandans you pretentious hypocrites or must now Ugandans register with UNHCR to get food, medicine, free housing and education?  Come to think about it, this is not a bad idea at all.  Calling all Ugandans, please go register as refugees in your own country.  It is not like eating termites and grass is more fun than rice and beans!
Martha Leah Nangalama

KAMAPALA, Uganda – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi today praised Uganda’s continued commitment to hosting refugees and called for greater global support for the country’s progressive policies for helping the forcibly displaced.
In his address to the Uganda Solidarity Summit on Refugees, held in the capital, Kampala, the High Commissioner said Uganda continues to show “a profound commitment to enabling refugees to pursue self-reliance and live in dignity while in exile.”
The Summit was organized by the office of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, together with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. About 500 delegates attended, including heads of state and government, members of the diplomatic corps, UN agencies, financial institutions and non-governmental organizations.
The goal of the meeting is to give due recognition to Uganda’s generosity in hosting nearly 1.3 million refugees, and to call on the international community to do more.
The Secretary-General called on the international community to help Uganda shoulder the responsibility for so many refugees in the face of an emergency.
“International solidarity is not just a matter of solidarity. It is a matter of justice,” Guterres said. 
In Uganda refugees are given land, allowed to work, own businesses and move freely. They are also integrated into government services like health care and education.
Seventeen-year-old Somali refugee Hindiyo Abdulkadir fled to Uganda 10 years ago. Speaking in English, she gave a powerful testimony about how the country’s policies have changed her life and given her a future. 
“Because of my education I have the confidence to speak before you today, in a language that I learned in Uganda,” she said. “Because I am educated, I do not define myself by the trauma, hardship and suffering that comes with being a refugee,” she added.
But with more than half a million refugees from South Sudan crossing into Uganda over the last year, and more arriving everyday, the country’s resources are strained. 
“Regrettably, the hospitality of host countries is not adequately matched by financial contributions.” 
“Regrettably, the hospitality of host countries is not adequately matched by financial contributions,” said Grandi, citing the fact that the current humanitarian appeal for South Sudanese refugees is funded at only 16 per cent.
“Disturbing shortfalls are emerging in critical areas such as food, shelter and education,” he added.
Grandi also stressed that the summit is an opportunity to encourage Uganda and the world to find innovative responses to addressing refugee crises. 
Uganda was one of the first countries to sign onto last year’s New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants. Member states committed to developing a more comprehensive response to assisting refugees, to include humanitarian and development organizations, the private sector, host countries and the refugees themselves.
The High Commissioner said support for Uganda, which already maintained an inclusive refugee policy, is critical to “show that this model can work.” He said the world should not take Uganda’s generosity for granted “but instead, reinforce and nurture it, so that it may continue to flourish.” 
By the conclusion of the summit more than US$358 million in support of Uganda was pledged. 
But the High Commissioner, the Secretary-General and all speakers emphasized that what refugees need most is peace. 
“I appeal to the leaders of South Sudan, to States in the region, and to the international community at large, to engage in more decisive and inclusive peace efforts,” Grandi said.
“The men, women and children crossing into exile from South Sudan and from other countries today have the right to hope for a better future - one in which they can eventually return home, in safety and dignity.”

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