Thursday, June 22, 2017

Understanding the Tamale Mirundi, UCC/NBS TV saga - #Uganda

Controversial veteran Journalist Tamale Mirundi is a Ugandan, Catholic and a staunch member of DP. He worked with the pro-Catholic Muno Newspaper before founding his own short lived tabloids, Alipoota and The Voice.  He came to prominence in the late 1990s when he excelled in accurately analysing the Museveni dictatorship on Radio and TV talk shows.
Like is always the case with any Ugandan who accurately analyses Museveni's dictatorship, Museveni moved to silence Tamale Mirundi.  He appointed him a Presidential Spokesman - a position he held for 13 years.  As a Spokesman, Tamale Mirundi had his office in State House under the Presidential Press Unit, had access to privileged information, managed to see the art of statecraft first hand thus enhanced his professional status.
For Mirundi, his tenure at State House was mainly for boosting his political ambitions thus why he refused to be soiled in any dubious deals.  For Museveni who believes in blackmailing and holding at ransom his lieutenants in order to ensure personal loyalty, he soon realised that Tamale Mirundi was a wrong catch. Confident that he had done enough damage to Mirundi, Museveni, as usual set on a journey to humiliate him by unleashing his juniors on a humiliation mission.
Around mid 2015, Museveni confronted Mirundi with audio evidence of the latter insulting the First Lady.  Shortly after, Museveni again confronted Mirundi with another audio recording in which Mirundi was allegedly ridiculing Museveni's poor management of the country.  Museveni sacked Mirundi from the influential position of Presidential Spokesperson and made him Senior Presidential Advisor on Media.
Mirundi was rendered redundant and joined the row of other over one hundred redundant Presidential Advisors. To understand the seriousness of Mirundi's sacking from State House, you need to realise that at one time he was questioned as to why he had been found to have been in close telephone contact with renegade Gen. Ssejusa.

For Mirundi, his sacking let him loose and he set out to vent his anger on the establishment which he often refers to as Mafias. He reverted to critically analysing Museveni's gross failures, dictatorship and outright plans to destroy Uganda. To this date, he is carrying out this crusade that has won him immense popularity.
However, a few Ugandans understand him but for Museveni and his Mafia clique, they know where Mirundi stands.  Around December 2015, the regime moved to silence him. The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) banned him from appearing on any radio and TV station. Tamale Mirundi lost his head by openly attacking Museveni. He said; " appears Museveni has failed to manage this country.  He should hand it to Mbabazi. I am going abroad and I will come back in April. I am only asking for safe passage. I will go through Entebbe Airport on Saturday. I will come back in April."
Tamale Mirundi who harbours high political ambitions indirectly supported Mbabazi.  He repeatedly portrayed Mbabazi as a sophisticated person who had strong influence in all sectors of the Museveni regime.  He said; ".... you can join Mbabazi without knowing you have joined him. You don’t know how Mbabazi works. He has people in intelligence and State House. He can fight you without you seeing him."
By promising to 'return from outside the country in April', he had hoped for a change of government during the February 2016 polls. The Minister of Justice, Kahinda Otafiire defended Mirundi thus; .... Mirundi has a constitutional right to speak and those who are not happy with what he says should go to court."

UCC withdrew its directive and Mirundi resumed his crusade to this day.  Because of his extra ordinary intelligence, he authoritatively presents his information such that it can not be challenged by anybody in courts of law.  He used his past positions to gather such rich information that is rarely accessible by most Ugandans. His resolute and unweathering character puts him in a position to continue winning the trust of disillusioned Ugandans, some of them in positions of authority who continue to update him on some of the scandals.  During his last days, as Presidential Spokesman, Tamale Mirundi had threatened thus; .... you are better off to have Mirundi within than on the outside".  
They arrogantly sacked him and now they are paying the heavy price. However, Mirundi is aware of the dangers posed by his actions and that is why he pretends to cosmetically exonerate apportioning direct blame on Museveni, Kayihura, Saleh, Gen. Muhoozi and a few others. He knows their capacity to physically 'neutralize' him.  He is caught between a rock and a hard surface. Uncertain if his contract was to be renewed or not, in July 2014 he promised never to attack Museveni. ".... Even if my contract is not renewed, I will not complain. I can assure you I will never attack Museveni when I am outside State House."
To the eyes of most gullible Ugandans, Mirundi has kept to that promise but the equally intelligent Museveni has a different view. Tamale Mirundi is a top regime critic and going by classification by the intelligence agencies, 'he is dangerous and all efforts should be made to neutralise him."
Tamale Mirundi uses the radio and TV talk shows to vent out his anger while at the same time helping Ugandans to understand the rot in the Museveni regime. The regime is stuck and that’s why last month it took another gamble at intimidating the closure of NBS TV over Tamale Mirundi.  His on camera physical confrontation of his host, Simon Muyanga Lutaaya was just a coincidence.
Muyanga Lutaaya is a poor Journalist who can't afford interviewing Tamale Mirundi.  He is green on Uganda's history, the Museveni regime, and geopolitical situation for which Mirundi is an expert.  In order to remain relevant, Muyanga Lutaaya simply concentrates on telling viewers how he is an elite and a professional Teacher with a degree from Makerere University.
On the other hand, Tamale Mirundi prefers someone who understands his motivation and can elicit from him relevant information instead of ignorantly obstructing him.  It is most likely that some individuals also use Muyanga Lutaaya to deliberately suffocate some of Mirundi's revelations during the talk show on WBS TV.
Tamale Mirundi’s dream is to see a regime change and the 'arrogant boys' fleeing across the border while others are hoarded into a prisons bus to prison. This is the prayer he repeatedly submits during his talk shows. It’s a prayer for most Ugandans but unfortunately, Tamale Mirundi may not live to realise it.

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