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#Uganda land wrangle in #Tororo has mafia involvement - #Landgrabbing


Tororo district is what anybody would describe as the united nations of Uganda. It accommodates nears all ethnicities of Uganda and east Africa, although the Jupadhola are the biggest tribe there followed by the Etesots, Bagishu, Banyole etc.

Tororo town was formerly the district headquarters of what was Bukeddi. Bukeddi compromised of counties of Samia Bagweri at Masafu, Bagwere county with its headquarters at Palisa, Banyole county with its headquarters in Busolwe, Budama county with its headquarters in Kisoko.

In 1947 Mr. Nyapidi who is the father to Amb. Paul Etiang led a struggle to have the county of Budama be divided into two. This gave rise to the birth of East Budama with its headquarters in Mukujju and west Budama with its headquarters in Kisoko. The name 'East Budama ' was of course protested against by the people especially who settled around Mella, Kwapa and Malaba on ground that they are not Badama. The Etesots wanted the county named Trap county but this met stiff resistance from the Jupadhola. Tororo county was suggested and came out as a more compromised ground. This Tororo county has also now produced two counties of Tororo county north and south.

While Tororo county north is predominantly Japadhola, south is also predominantly Etesots.

"Districtisation" of Bukeddi

The three counties of Samia, Bagwere and Banyole have since become district. Samia Bugwe became Busia district, Banyole county became Butaleja district and Bagwere county became Palisa district. Palisa has also produced five more districts. In 2005 Tororo county requested and was also granted a district status with a proposed headquarters in Mukujju. These brothers without giving any buyable reason rejected this district and refused to operationalise Mukujju district.

Their conditions are two:

They need a district based on 1947 boundaries. This 1947 boundaries place the current Tororo municipality into East Budama. This cannot be acceptable to any reasonable man and therefore will result into an endless pulling of ropes.
There is history before 1947, in fact the history of oldest people to settle in Tororo begins in 1373. So, what is so magical about 1947??

They aspire to erase the name "Tororo”. This is also not acceptable because “TORORO" has not only become the identity of the Jupadhola but of many people who have stayed in Tororo and have developed strong attachment.

The issues at hand is if the rest went without making claim of either their contributions Tororo why should the two tribe that have lived together, have intermarried and have invested together bring everything thing to a stand still as if they are complete strangers to each other.

To guess is to enumerate many possibilities but the most evident one is the hand of the MAFIAS

MAFIAS never allow you to discuss the real thing, they don't benefit where there is peace and engagements of brains. They create, thrive an benefit from confusion. They never speak but speak behind hired stooges, they are never seen. MAFIAS flame, fun and sustain crisis to divert attention as they loot, as they steal, as they Rob, as they grab land, as they award themselves tenders and contract, as they allocate themselves position

This is the exact situation Tororo find itself in.....

UTRO LAND. As the quarrel is going on, the East African research institute was left to rot. Assets were looted and as we speak now we don't know who owns that land. A lot of mysteries is surrounding it. The way it was grabbed was evermore funny as the grabbers hired somebody to sue a non-existent entity and court went ahead to hear the matter and passed judgement experte’. The owners of that land are not properly known. But nobody is asking because the mafias have set us up to quarrel.
UCI which is not TCI was privatised but most it's assets like houses located in Senior quarters. Some of these assets were grabbed by the Mafia rackets but left others for TCI yet the agreement of sell of UCI didn't included those assets. This is in addition to failed SCR that is not being performed by TCI.

TCI and many other companies are spoiling our environment without anyone saying a word because we have been successfully diverted. To divert us from questioning these, a crisis had to be stage.
The gazetting of Tororo as an industrial city in East Africa has increased the interests of the mafias, they need the land but don't want to buy or want o buy at a low price, this way the policy of deciding the people so the negotiating or intimidating them becomes easier can only be tenable after diverting them from the real discussion.
Look at how Simba’s cement, Kampala cement and Mukwano industries on Mbale road has treated our people. Our people have been cheated, displaced and sent away into destitution but no voice has come out in their defence. This is because of the diversion.

On Jinja road, visit the areas of Katerema, Akapa, up to UCI and see who now owns that Land. How many villages did the solar plant displace......etc.

Started Gauge Railways (SGR) Tororo is earmarked to be the headquarter of SGR in East Africa. This comes with many opportunities but also with many costs. The MAFIAS will want to take all the benefits but make the people shoulder the costs.
As we speak now all the tenders including of supplying sand has been awarded but not a little one has been given to a person from Tororo. But because the MAFIAS have successfully diverted us into quarreling, nobody has been able to talk about it.

.... etc. The list is just too long
The brain game is just too complicated that simple minds will not understand.

They cause problems but come to masquerade as the ones to give solutions.

Whereas this is an economic struggle with MAFIAS as the owners of the script, it has a lot of political calculations. Two questions come to mind:

If president Museveni is acting in good faith and without any political calculations, why allow to engage in a new talk about Tororo yet he had given his stand in 2005. And without first telling us why he has abandoned his 2005 positions.

Secondly where on earth can a people stop a programme that Mr.? Museveni wants...?

I see a lot political manipulations here which we shall not accept.

The other strategy is hiring individuals who have no credibility or name guard to just engage in funny insults.

I saw one of those hired men this morning insulting me and calling upon police to arrest the youth of Adhola Winkune.

For that calibre, we shall handle but we should all be aware that those are part of the games played by MAFIAS’.

By Odaka Asuman


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