Monday, June 5, 2017

#Uganda govt starts charging for Exit Visa

It is really very sad to see that the government of Uganda will do anything to get money from the very citizens the government's policies have helped spread poverty across the board.
The government of Uganda is charging Ugandans going abroad specifically those going to Arab countries, visa exit payable through Interpol police. Once the fee is paid, the applicant is then given a Certificate of Good Standing and this certificate must be produced at Entebbe airport before one is allowed to board the plane. The purpose of Interpol is not to decide which Ugandan has no criminal record but to apprehend international criminals in the country.
The money is given to Janet Museveni and her family in billions of shillings. The fee ranges from UGX 250K to 500K and if the certificate is needed right away one could pay an express fee of well over 500K. The Museveni family has a bottomless appetite for money that no matter how much money is given to them the pit will never get full and this has been true for the last 31 years and counting. Remember all those supplementary budgets to the parliament and now we have the state house and the office of the president given different budgets and this is one reason why Museveni would do anything including vote rigging to keep NRM the majority in parliament.
Parliament is enabling this broad day robbery of our citizens without end. The more NRM members in parliament the more the government steals tax payers' money as these NRM MPs are there to rubber stamp whatever the regime wants and in the end, these MPigs are given left overs while the taxpayers are roughed up to Nalufenya for calling Museveni a pair of butts.
We as the citizens of this great country have the option to refuse paying taxes but the majority of our fellow citizens don't even realize that their tax money is keeping Museveni in power? Many of Museveni's supporters on social media have gone as far as calling me names that I am obsessed with Museveni and to them I say, Museveni's obsession with power is unmatched in Uganda's history and for that reason, you better settle down because Span is here to stay too. Our nation has been hijacked by foreigners and one cannot tell if you're in Kampala or Kigali. It's one thing stealing our money by this regime but it's totally a different thing to hand over our nation to foreigners and do as they wish.
If you're a true citizen of this great nation I call upon you to become more politically aware and let us take our country back and make Uganda great again.
nathan span

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