Tuesday, June 6, 2017

#Uganda #BusinessIdeas #Poultry - What you need before your Chics come home

Now that you have built their house, buy some coffee husks and throw all over the floor.  Hopefully the house does not have too many holes because you will lose heat at night when you have to heat up the Chics.
You will need to buy feeders and the pictures are attached.  Feeders for solid food and then the ones for water.  You can consult your supplier of the Chics as usually they sell these things too.
You will need adequate starting food, please do not buy from Mbale Industrial Parc or other cheap places because it will increase your mortality.  Our team always bought from Biyinzika and the one time we tried cheap feed, our mortality shot up.
The water for the chicken should be clean water or they will get cholera or typhoid…Khawoya (if you know what I mean).
The chicken coup must always be kept clean.  Most Chics die from a dirty environment.  As a matter of fact, when our family was doing poultry in Canada, we never even put coffee husks on the floor at all but our chicken coup was not cement.  It was pure dirt like a village hut.  Cement is very cold on their feet and that is why you need husks.  Otherwise if it is not a cement floor, skip the husks.  It will make it easier to clean the chicken coup frequently.
Whatever you do, do not give the chicken sand.  Some Bagisu lied to us that the chicken need sand.  Do you think modern layers and broilers are the hens you grew up on?
Apparently, people need vaccines to keep treating the chicken.  I have never understood why this is so because the one day old Chics you get have already received the vaccine they need and need no more.
You need heating.  This is most important at night when it gets cold.  The chicken coup must be heated until after the birds have grown feathers.  You can buy a heating lamp if you have electricity or solar OR you can use a sigiri.  The sigiri will have to be put on a higher surface off the ground, very much like the electric heating lamp in order to avoid frying the Chics.  I would also put a protective wire mesh over the sigiri.  Be creative. Nothing is set in stone.  Poultry can be started on a small budget and be expanded to industrial size depending on how deep your pockets are.
Depending on if you are going for layers, broilers, kroilers or traditional chicken, the above steps are a start but vary according to the type you want.  Keep in mind that layers and broilers are treated the same except perhaps a bit of variation in the feed.  We always fed them the same food.
You may inbox me or WhatsApp me if you have questions.  I generally never read comments on Facebook.  Consequently, I do not see your comments most times and I do not respond.
Martha Leah Nangalama

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