Monday, June 19, 2017

The #Garang tales #SouthSudan #Sudan

By Akol Da Kuch

As a young boy, I used to wonder and ask my uncle constantly what kind of human John Garang was. He could vehemently describe him as a kind of person who could, when the army was from the frontline; hungry, devastated, exhausted, maligned, demoralized, wounded, or anything appalling, feed them, treat them, transport them, cloth then with only his word mouth. Just his message was enough for a wounded soldier to feel pumped, injected, nursed, fed or even typically moralised to bang his chest or his AK47.
"Who is the problem, the person sitting on me or me pushing away the person sitting on me?", Garang most said quote every time he gave a speech. And everybody could burst into rhymes and folklore of the SPLA. And I could even sense the magnitude of his influence he was talking about. How he was felt around and through out villages. We could hear stories about him and we felt like he was God. Indeed, wasn't he? Even the soldiers could loot in his name. They could take up someone property or son(s) through forced soldier and claim, "orders from Garang Mabior".
And the struggle for a retrieve could end there because it's orders from the above. I remember there was a woman whose five sons were all killed in the same battle. It was the worst tragedy and wrath one could ever live to experience. The battle was far in Equatorial region. Equatorial is one of the old provinces of the old Sudan during British administration.
There were others like Bhar el Ghazal where I come from as this woman too. But Equatorial is basically for non Dinkas Muonyjieng and it was where the war was centred due to the fact that most Arabs had occupied their towns and two, it’s bordering neighbouring countries so it was strategic. Garang himself comes from Dinka Bor. when this mother heard about the demise of her sons. She was a totally message that anybody can imagine but later she only asked for thing.
"I want Garang Mabior to give me a reason he's killing our kids", she demanded. With time since the communication procedure was basically by mouth to mouth. I mean no any other mode of communications. Except through letters and sending messengers. Dr. John got the message though after a very long time. He made it a promise to visit Bhar el Ghazal specifically that village. This village was far away from us.
Maybe three days on foot. But the stories could circulate. One day John Garang came. Speeches were given. Actually, the civilians in villages knew not of any other government of Sudan given the serious negligence and marginalization the Sudan government had done. So Garang was Actually the president. SPLM was the government. In that belief, they made their demands, presented their grievances as the normal civilians do. The old woman finally met Garang.
When Garang spoke, he massaged their minds and completely brainwashed them as he normally does. "I'm not killing your kids. It's your land that's killing your kids. I also join your sons in the frontline. Don't you see me in uniform armed with my AK47? It's because I'm not ready even now. they can attack us now. There's my mother who has lost 5 sons in the fight. They could as well die here since the Arabs are moving from village to village looting your property, raiding your cattle.
I'm very sure as a Muonyjieng your sons could not sit and watch their cattle being taken. However, much they were going to use spears. They could have died. The only thing I have done is calling them in order combine our efforts so that we can be stronger. The only thing I have done is arming them. So, which death is better. Dying without being armed or with arm. I thought arming the youth was better. At least now we can as well revenge your sons.
We can defeat them and free ourselves", Garang in his speech. But the old woman couldn't hold back anymore. She walked on stage and as the security officers tried to stand her way. Garang ordered them not to. She was left to proceed. She shook Garang hands and peck them. "May God, bless you. I have known why my sons are gone", she remarked. Then she removed the rope she had used to tie her stomach.

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