Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Something wonderful about under grad in #Canada

We made it.  We are now in Canada's top university.  But exactly why were we here?

Then the school asigns an academic adviser.  You have had too many of them and yet cannot escape them.

The first meeting goes like "you must do research and cannot skip school work.  You can only work 20hrs per week and preferably in your study area".

You then sleep in Robarts library or the computer lab and life passes you by.  Actually, you watch your young life vanish in front of your eyes for now it has become a question of you a
submitting and defending whatever nonsense you thought could get you a masters degree.

On the day you get told it is okay, you got the degree, you are also told you can proceed for a PhD.

All this while, your research supervisor has come to know you.  Mine had no issues when I dripped out from school.  My father was dying and I needed a job.

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