Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Something wonderful about #Canada university

Now you are finally all grown up and away from home in your under grad half asleep in your courses.  But you always have that academic adviser whether you are a Canadian or International student.

S/he notices that your grades are dropping because you are taking too much for granted.  Academic adviser then reminds you that you are on an academic scholarship so awaken.

You are in school with the best brains the world sends out.  You then wake up and try while missing home too much for it has been too many years away from your family and what you grew up on.  But this race is real.  You then try.

Next thing you know is getting into an IVY league or the equivalent.  You even do not know how you got admitted but write a Thank You letter to your academic adviser.

University of Toronto, I promise to work hard to prove to you that you did not make a mistake in accepting me.

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