Monday, June 26, 2017

PICTURES: Intentional impoverishment of #Ugandans by #Museveni regime - #Poverty

You will remember that the regime of President Yoweri Museveni sold all parastatals and destroyed all cooperatives rendering a minimum of 60,000 well paid civil servants jobless in the first decade of his rule.
Uganda's health care is so bad no one in government or affiliated with government dares get treated in Uganda for even things as simple as malaria (Norbert Mao, Nairobi).  The same applies for education since none of the people in power dare to put their children in the many public schools the country has.
What is even more scary and Ugandans need to pay close attention now more than ever is the intentional removal of income earning opportunities from the majority of Ugandans.  Remember what Martin Niemöller said about Nazi and the holocaust and now relate it to Uganda.
First they came for the street vendors, you did not talk because you were not a street vendor. 
Then they came for the kiosks.  You did not talk because you had no kiosk. 
Then they came for markets.  First they burned them and you were left in awe. Then they demolished the markets and you were left in shock.  You again said nothing and did nothing. 
Then they demolished houses apparently to construct for you highways.  You did not cry when the displaced were crying for your houses had not been demolished or you were in government and connected till a hotel of a biggie got demolished on Entebbe Road. 
Then they evicted people off their land razing their crops, burning their houses and stealing their livestock, you looked on in amazement as if saying "that could never happen to me" or something like "this government is a bad government" and end of story.   Well, they did evict people and are more aggressively doing it all over the country now.  
Next they are banning boda bodas out of Kampala and surrounding areas.  You wonder where 50,000 boda boda income earners will now earn a living.  They have no market stalls, kiosks or street vending rights. 
Then they are coming for the taxis (matatu) and now you have another 50,000 who will lose their only income earning opportunity.  Will they return to the villages and grow food for their families on land which they no longer own or will they fly to the Middle East as slaves for the Arabs?  
WAIT, but apparently you are going to be given the option (boda boda & matatu operators) to buy shares in the new Chinese company which is taking over Kampala. This will let you get a dividend once a year on the shares you will purchase.  PSYCH! 
The policies around Kampala via KCCA will have destroyed income earning opportunities for a minimum of 1 million Ugandans by the time you are done "cleaning" and "developing" Kampala.  You will see schools close down as parents have no school fees, other businesses close for people not having money (e.g. Nakumatt), arcades and mall rental fees keep going up and people have no money, clinics and saloons close, evictions by land lords, nebilala nabalala.
Did you ever stop to think about the impact of taking away work from 100,000 and its ripple effect on the whole city?  Non,, that would be too much common sense.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Reader comments from Kampala

The chaos in Kampala is not about to go away. The Bodas and matatus must be phased out gradually not just waking up and wish them away minus a meaningful alternative. Unless they are creating room for their goons to further terrorise the population.

Crime rates are already escalating and all is happening in an organised manner. The patterns in commission of crime are strikingly similar. Take an example of example of Kitubulu near Entebbe town, four girls murdered after what looks like they have been sexually molested and objects inserted in their private organs. In Wakiso, holes were made in peoples houses before intrusion and killing them. The iron bar hit men.

These imbeciles are busy implementing the chaos theory only for them, the crimes are not random but well calculated and orchestrated.  Nansana in Wakiso district remains a hot spot, Mukono had lulled a bit, neighborhoods in Kampala - Kulambiro has lulled since the icing of Kaweesi, Najera, Makindye, Busabala to mention but a few.

I am so worried for the next neighbourhood, it could be mine or anyone else's. The police seem to be heeding the presidential directive to stop idle and disorderliness wanton arrests. The police are almost redundant and it’s now their traffic colleagues that are on the prowl.

Everyday someone or people are being killed in cold blood. This is exacerbated by police’s inept investigative department. I always cry for my beloved country because am roundly aware, we are enjoying false peace.

Like a wound that gets septic before curation, the robbers brigade that is illegally in charge is now acting with unprecedented impunity. When peoples’ livelihood is overtly messed up, then criminality flourishes.

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