Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Message for #Buganda on your land an rights - our rights - #Uganda

Mwe Baganda mwe.

Babajolozze nebabakamala. They burnt down your ancestral shrines. You kept your mouths closed.

They are in your land dancing, selling your assets, Using your fellow Bagandas. You still cooperate with them and make life difficult first your brothers and sisters. Them go laugh behind your backs calling your names like (abaganda basilu)

The state house is in buganda land, but from the gate keeper to the commander of army and police you don't see a kigandu name eg Bossa or Namakula (the Wamala they had, they made sure they put him off). You still kept your mouth closed. They laughed at you behind closed doors (tubamazze belagga lagga) They know how to overcome talk. But Action burre.

Salabed, schools have been burnt, that help your brothers, sisters and relatives to earn a living and attain knowledge. They keep on lying to you ( we shall search for the underlying causes of fire. How many times have they promised you these solutions, but all in vain? Did they give you a report on who burnt the shrines? ( maybe i missed this out? Fill me in).

They close themselves behind doors and even say the words in luganda laughing out loud. "HEHEHE Tubasikeledde. Kabasiliwalile eyo..." they add on insults even in their local languages

They use your own brother to dismiss your people and build arcades for their sons, wives, daughters and in-laws. And you continue keeping your mouths shut.

They have sold the main hospital Uganda had and that's Mulago ( where is it found)? Ofcourse in buganda. And you have kept your mouths shut and they keep on climbing ladders in front of you

No cancer machines. And you keep on fighting your own brothers. They enjoy the fights while they keep on plotting the next move

They promise young women free pads. All in vain, a fellow woman comes out condemns and actively collect pads and money for your sisters to remain in schools while they are menstruating. You still go behind her and you are used to bring her down. Where is the brotherhood?

They have managed to extend their illegal rule mostly in the Buganda region because of the above, not forgetting the major tactics they are using (INTIMIDATION).

Mr. Kyagulanyi ssentamu Robert yesterday when he ended his eloquent speech he clearly informed you that,

"The power of the people is greater than the people in power."

You only can change the situation you are living in. Like I have always said. No muzungu, no mu China, not sven Donald Trump is going to fight for you and me. It's we, ourselves who are going to liberate ourselves. And we must do it collectively. Abd NOW! Something they have made sure they have done in order to rule us for life. Is to seperate us and put Double Spies amongst ourselves.

IT'S TIME WE WOKE UP FROM SLEEPING. This issue of lying to us Mbu naletta eddembe ended in 1990s. Which freedom did you bring when;

19 women die on a daily basis while giving birth ( because of minor and treatable infections)

Our 80 percent Youths are unemployed and unemployable

Our infants ca. 230 below the age of five are dying daily due to the denial of affordable medical care.

No Rehabilitation centers for the elderly, the handicapped.

Young women are rapped, impregnated by their officials sometimes infected with different STDs and you still keep your mouths shut.

Your roads are not constructed (if constructed, last only a few weeks) causing you accidents and death and you still work with them to destroy the future of yourself and your children and grandchildren. Shame upon you!

Your lakes and rivers generate electricity and it's supplied to neighbouring countries but no electricity in the main hospitals, surgery wards, clinics and even your own homes. And you still dine with them. And accept to be used against your own brothers and sisters? Shhaa babajolozze nyo.

If you love your culture so much like you always say, you should as well guard those who promote your culture. Ain't it?

If you love your country so much, it's time you woke up from sleeping. And it's now! Will you?

If you want to prove to the late Obote who once said "a good muganda is a dead one," Go out and support that good muganda who won't be compromised.

If you still wish your country to be the pearl of Africa. Take Action Now For A Better Uganda!

Go Out And Vote For Kyagulanyi ssentamu Robert. Symbol 🕜🕛🕝🕑 Tomorrow 29 June, 2017. Guard Your Votes and Don't Be Intimidated. They Might Kill a few But Let Their Death Be The Commencing of The Long aWaited Revolution.

Akalulu Mukanpele Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert. Aunt wange webale nyo you promised akako ka Bobi

Nsigadde nga MuwalaWaBesigye attatyabyokya atte nga lelo sikiliziganyinza na Tatta Wange Omulungi.

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