Friday, June 16, 2017

Maj. David Kibirango - a victim of persecution or a spy for hire? #Uganda @UPDFspokesman

Maj. David Kibirango is one of the few uneducated Baganda army officers still lingering in inactive military service. Museveni's Bush War (1981 - 1986) deliberately dodged recruitment of educated Baganda recruits. While the few Baganda university graduates who sneaked to the Bush War never came out of it, the very few ones like Ddiba Sentongo, Mbuga Kojja, Sserwanga Lwanga fell victim of intrigue and nepotism. The bunch of uneducated Baganda soldiers did the donkey work during the Bush War - an issue that prompted the NRA to conduct then Prince Mutebi to the Liberated Zone for a fact-finding mission.
Upon coming to power in 1986, the uneducated Baganda army officers were systematically eliminated from positions of responsibility.  The bunch of uneducated Baganda Junior army officers rallied around their equally powerless senior officers like Col. Badru Kiyingi, Maj. Kigundu, Col. Kawuma, Maj. Kanaabi, Bruce Muwanga, Herbert Itongwa, Sula Semakula, Waswa Balikalege, JB Mulindwa, Elly Kayanja, Proscovia Nelweyiso, and others; many of whom have since passed on.  These alienated Baganda would often find solace by running to Gen. Saleh for attention - development that at one time brought problems to the General.
One such Muganda army officer who still thrives is RO/452 Maj. David Kibirango.  During the short-lived Maj. Itongwa rebellion in the mid 1990s, then Capt. David Kibirango was briefly arrested and detained. In April 2001 when Capt. David Kibirango was the 3rd Division Sports Officer, was arrested and charged with armed robbery of a car. Around April 2005 Capt. David Kibirango was arrested by the authorities in Rwanda as he attempted to enter Rwanda at Kagitumba border post. He claimed that he was fleeing persecution in Uganda but the Rwandese authorities branded him a spy and he was immediately deported back to Uganda.
At the time, Rwanda and Uganda were embroiled in diplomatic issues.  He was briefly detained based on these squables over alleged Rwanda's support for the opposition aligned PRA rebels.  Uganda's intelligence had successfully managed to infiltrate the Rwanda based dissidents with the likes of Capt. Muhamad Kiwanuka and Maj. Mugizi (recently returned from a spy mission in South Africa).  Upon extradition, Capt. David Kibirango was briefly held at Makindye where other suspected PRA rebels were being detained but was shortly after released.
In January 2017 now Maj. David Kibirango resurfaced as one of the Baganda army officers who threatened to rebel over the dropping of Gen. Katumba Wamala as Army chief.  Interestingly, the authorities did not take any action against these officers.  Instead, Maj. David Kibirango was in April 2017 charged with failure to protect war materials because in December 2016 he had been found in possession of an AK 47 (SMG) with 14 rounds of ammunitions.  At that time, he was serving under Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) as a Research and Information Officer.
From the above narration, it can be authoritatively concluded that Maj. David Kibirango is always available for hire as a spy by the Museveni regime.  Criminal charges and the subsequent imprisonment is always used by the regime as a smoke screen for the assignment of Maj. David Kibirango to any spy mission.
Watch the space for his next move.
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