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The relatively secure and stable Tanzania has of recent been hit by a wave of killings around the Coastal Region that borders with the capital Dar Er-Salaam.  Since January 2015, 32 innocent people have been killed in that geographical area. They include local government leaders, ruling party (CCM) and 11 police officers. The criminal assailants mostly use motorcycles to get to and vacate the scene of crime after shooting dead their victims. The latest nasty incident was around mid April 2017 when the assailants ambushed and killed eight police officers who were on patrol.
During the ceremony to pay last respects to the slain eight police officers, the then Police Chief, Earnest Mangu decried poor cooperation from the local people of the affected area.  He went ahead to issue a warning; ".... should the people in the area fail to volunteer information, we will use force to compel them to open up as we want to bring an end to such menace."  He also took a swipe at social media; ".... we are making close follow ups and will trace all those who had been making fun of the killings of police officers through social media, as they may be part and parcel of the criminals."
While launching the operation to pursue the assailants, the Commissioner of Police In-charge of Operations, CP Sato Marijan expressed Police's stern action; ".......we will not joke nor forgive but carry out that which the police gave to do. .......the public should forgive us on this and support us because due to this you will see the true face of the police."  Indeed, the police commenced its operations in the area with some level of force that sent the locals into somehow collective silence thus withdrew their cooperation thus the police made no success.
It’s the press and in particular Mwanainchi and Citizen newspapers who carried out investigative journalism that revealed the weaknesses on the ground.  President Magufuli has relieved IGP Earnest Mangu and replaced him with SP Simon Siro who had been the commander of Dar Er Salam Special Zone. Earnest Mangu had been appointed by former President Kikwete in December 2013 having been the Director of Crime Intelligence.  At least, President Magufuli has been seen to take action.
In Uganda, military dictator, President Yoweri Museveni renewed the contract of his tyrant police chief Gen. Kalekyezi Kayihura who has held the police for the last 13 years.  A serving army officer, Gen. Kalekyezi was sent to the police with the sole aim of transforming it into a coercive branch of the Museveni regime and to ensure that Museveni remains in power.
Museveni threw all his weight behind Gen. Kalekyezi in realising the dream.  The Police budget grew from UGX 78B in the 2003/2004 budget to UGX 384B in the 2016/2017 budget. The force grew from 16,000 to 46,000 as its face moved from the traditional Northern and North Eastern region domination to Western Uganda.
The force has excelled in arbitrary arrests, torture, killing, detention without trial, extortion, theft, robbery, corruption, connivance with criminals, harassment of Opposition leaders and artists, etc.  The force's performance is crippled by alarming proportions of nepotism, disgruntlement, militarisation, brutality, partisan conduct, loyalty based promotion and deployment instead of competence and loss of public confidence.
Insecurity is the order of the day and of the 45,000 murders committed in the last four years only one hundred cases have been successfully investigated and prosecuted. Among these is the unresolved killings of Muslim Clerics and other law enforcement officers. Museveni has repeatedly praised his police chief for exemplary performance.
In August 2016, at Ntare School, Museveni praised Gen. Kalekyezi for "saving Ugandans from opposition goons" during the February 2016 elections.  A few months later in March 2017, the same Museveni while speaking at the vigil of AIGP Kaweesi disclosed that the Police force had been infiltrated by criminals" before ordering Gen. Kalekyezi to "clean up the Police." 
Two months later, the same Museveni renewed IGP Kayihura’s contract as Police Chief.  Those are the contradictions in governance that Museveni’s much craved for East African Community political federation seeks to harmonize.
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