Friday, June 23, 2017

Helicopter carrying #UN Secretary General destroys school in #Uganda - #RefugeeSummit #HumanRights

UN helicopter damages classroom block in Arua.
Written by URN
Teachers at Inyau government-aided primary school in Arua district will have to improvise after the roof and walls of one of their classroom blocks was damaged by a helicopter downdraught yesterday, Thursday.

Helicopters carrying dignitaries, including the United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres, landed at the school as Guterres visited Imvepi refugee resettlement camp in Terego county.

Guterres is in Uganda where he is co-hosting a UN-baked Refugee Solidarity Summit with President Yoweri Museveni. The conference hopes to rally the donor community to support the cause of 1.3 million refugees living in Uganda.
The damaged classroom block
Charles Draga, the Inyau primary school head teacher says the building destroyed by the downdraught had just been completed with funds solicited from parents. Every pupil was required to pay Shs 1,000 as contribution to the construction.

"We have just finished construction and we have been using it for teaching and as staff house. Even when we get visitors we host them there because we don't have space in school," Draga said.

While in Arua, Guterres visited Imvepi camp, home to 100,442 refugees mainly from South Sudan. Inyau primary school which is about 4km from Imvepi camp accommodates over 1,000 refugee pupils who walk from the camp to the school.
Draga added that if the United Nations refugee agency - UNHCR doesn't help them to reconstruct the block, they will have to wait for parents in the area to contribute again towards its construction. 
Records at the school show that Inyau has 1,050 refugee students and 584 nationals making a total of 1,634 pupils. In just the past year, the overall refugee population in Uganda has more than doubled - from 500,000 to more than 1.25 million - making Uganda host to the world's fastest growing refugee emergency.

Guterres, who once headed UNHCR for 10 years, hopes to use the Kampala conference to raise part of the $ 8 billion dollars the Uganda government needs to address the refugee crisis over the next four years.


0#1 Lakwena 2017-06-23 17:49
In other words, in 3 years time (2020), all these type of schools will have attained the middle income school standard and status.
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0#2 Akot 2017-06-23 18:58
The world MUST stop UN Antonio Guterres & museveni blinding the entire world as to state of affaires in Uganda!

How can UN believe Uganda is peaceful when museveni is ruling with iron fist since 1986?

Museveni, from Rwanda, conquered Uganda & established a tribalistic system of rule, knowing very well it's the only way he can stay in power for ever!

Ugandans are slaves/have no home... in a system that benefits museveni & refugees/asylum seekers UN wants to relocate-draw in!

UN has joined museveni in upholding inhuman rule in Uganda while turning blind eyes-deaf ears to 'tribalism' in the country!

Which means, to UN like to museveni, Ugandans are NOTHING but disposables!

UN & museveni do not care of what happens to Ugandans, who are in a country that should be their's but is not, while UN & museveni ignores facts on the ground!...
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0#3 Akot 2017-06-23 19:08
...While UN & museveni drag the world in accepting as 'normal' refugee-asylum seeker status, the world should be reminded that UN is financed, mainly, by countries that have established good governance & Educate their children who are always ready to develop their countries & give social services!

Yet, this very developed world contributing to UN finance are today robbing their tax payers who are financing UN to just continue building a waring world where dictators-bad rulers are left in peace without the very people who should UNITE to throw these demon leaders out!

Who does UN expect to help bring change in countries when, instead of helping even Ugandans who are not at armed war, UNITE to throw museveni out?

But UN wants Ugandans to remain tribalist with no power to say a word in their country, while UN tells the world Uganda is a peacefull country good for migrants-refugees!...
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0#4 Akot 2017-06-23 19:28
...True, tribalists Ugandans have abandoned their country to museveni who is helping UN relocate migrants-refugees-asylum seekers in their country!

Have UN & museveni asked/consulted with Ugandans on this matter?

UN knows that since1986 it museveni the ruler & he accepts no opposition & Ugandans have no say in the country & must just go along with museveni, who does not accept opposition so there is no chance of any other being leader, right?

How does UN expect tribalists S.Sudanese... at armed war to stop when tribalistically ruled Uganda is considered peaceful/proseperous by UN that builds refugee camps in & attracts more refugees...?

How can developed democracies that contribute more to uphold UN financially, tolerate UN misuse of tax money that draws more migrants instead of stoping wars?...
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0#5 Akot 2017-06-23 19:35
...What if money wasted by UN on building refugee camps is used to tackles WARs & stop migration that is destroying developed world while leaving dictators-war mongers to just continue destroying?

Migration in peaceful Uganda & Europe won't stop as long as UN has money for refugee camps & Europe continues salvage at sea!

Is it not human for UN to help Ugandans Unite to bring change instead of them living in fear of museveni who can only be thrown out through UNITY of Ugandans?

How is it decent for UN to build refugee camps in Uganda when Ugandans alos need help but are afraid to come out because museveni teargas them-shoot-lock them up in prison...?

Why is UN partner of the most inhuman-distusting-diabolical... system of rule in Uganda?

Why does UN want the world to embrace tribalism-fear-hatred...& prolong war & make it part of today way of living?

Ugandans MUST UNITE!
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0#6 Namukoye geoffrey 2017-06-23 20:49
Government aided, my leg!

A government aided school with bricks fastened with mud.

i know a government spokes person would say its better to have a school like this than have no school at all but the disfference is insignificant coz how many pupils pass PLE in this school against those who sit.

ok the structure is the news here and not the helicopter crushing it.

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