Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#Apaa, #Amuru - Tragedy of oil and anti #Acholi economic war #Uganda #Landgrabbing

By Pa Tici Lakwaro Ajore
Apaa is about oil - not game park reserves or Adjumani land claim. Acoli and Ugandans should just prepare for a long term war with the State captors! But, do not be stupid. Yes, stupid! If you are to study carefully, like I now claim to have, "their" plans to destroy Acoli through a tribal war is clear in plain sight. They want to hide behind tribal conflicts. It is a trap
Apaa is going to get populated with military camps. It will be an area, not a barracks, but with the highest density of armed forces in Uganda. Watch! I foresee IDP Camps II. The escalation of violence is just a pretext to make the military acceptable in the area
The actions of killing Acoli using armed forces that cross from Madi and fronting Langi police officers from Adjumani to 'mismanage' the Apaa cases, while preventing Acoli from crossing over to madi to identify their killers is deliberate to yield tribal sentiments.
The police officers , ASP Adupa and AIP Opio Wilbert, both Lango by tribe stationed at Adjumani CPS and Amuru respectively, could be a bait for the angry locals to spark extended ethnic crises between Acoli and her neighbours. Can you believe that the Uganda police, as of Friday last week, had not opened a single case file to investigate the massacre of the then discovered dead and injured in Hospital? ASP Adupa claims, "no one (Acholi) has approached them (police) to complain!" All this, I see as rehearsed plan for an escalation to permit deployment of the military to begin the 'evacuation' of Acoli off the oil land, they are hell bent for as long as it takes to deny a single Acholi the oil royalties on their land. We are facing land and oil speculators at the highest level in the State and Government of Uganda
Do not look elsewhere, journalist have failed to pin down the cause of the Madi - Acoli land wrangles in Apaa, because they either fear to tackle government's oil black operations or they are honestly lost in misinformation to construct meaning out of a symptomatic violence.
Apaa, a land that still has gazetted election polling stations were the locals have ever elected Chairman Norbert Mao as LCV Chairman of Gulu, Hon. Betty Aol Ocan as Gulu Woman MP, Hon. Betty Bigombe as Amuru Woman MP, and recently, Hon Olanya Gilbert, Hon. Anthony Akol and Hon. Akello Lucy as their MPs as well as as Chairman Michael Lakony - LC V chairperson of Amuru district. None of the above represented or represents a Madi community. So how comes, the territory is now violently claimed to be part of Madi?
I personally attended the 2012 Apaa Acholi Parliamentary Group (APG) public rally. It followed the massacre of 4 Acoli by a mix of UPDF, Uganda Police Force and Uganda Wildlife Authority that was commanded by Deputy IGP Grace Turigumanawe. I had arrived in Apaa just a day after the massacre. I was being introduced to my foster family for the first time. In a bitter exchange with Deputy IGP Grace, he told me that "200 guns cannot be in this Bush (APAA) without Museveni knowing.
On Apaa, the buck ends with Museveni. Moses Ali is just a piece on NRM's chess board.

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