Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Anonymous or not - Activists must choose

I thank all the Ugandan friends who have expressed worry about my safety for not criticizing President Yoweri Museveni using a fake name or profile.

I wanna assure you that even if I used a fake profile, Museveni and Kayihura would find me.  As a matter of fact,  the Uganda governmwnt knows exactly where to find me.  They also know where to find my siblings and my mother. They also can go to the grave of my father.

Sure, I endager my family in Uganda and in Canada for being vocal about the issues Museveni regime has to deal with. My siblings, mother and elders will never be penalilized for my transgressions.

My entire tribe loves NRM to bits and I am obly a black sheep (damn proud of it).  It then becomes a question of who is in charge. Not once have I flown home and been detained.  Not once have I been issued an arrest warranty by the Uganda government because there would none warranted.

It is likely because of not being hunted that some Ugandans say I am paid by Museveni to be a seeming opposition.  It would be easy for me to accept a job for Museveni because I am not only cute but I have a brain.  My war with Museveni is very clear and he knows it well.  Museveni has a lot of money and he can pay for school for my kids and build a good house for my mother and my whole clan. He just knows that I would not allow it and he cannot force it.

Museveni knows that I want good for all Ugandans and will never relent.  In fact, Museveni wants the same for all Ugandans but he is surrounded by scondrels.  He would do well to sack all of them.

Where was I even going with this story?

Aha...Museveni is not the problem.  It is us.  We want and expect one man to deliver us from our stupidity.  Imagine he is trying to fight corruption and impunity and to get incestors but you sabotage anything and everything he tries to do.

I swear the day I become a Museveni adviser, some heads will roll.  Some of you will be fired.  And you won't even poison me in Kampala because you will have to break my Telecon connection.

Such madness to hold one person for ransom.

Martha Leah Nangalama
PS: I am not afraid.  You should be afraid because when I join Museveni you are gonna eat monkeys.

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