Monday, May 1, 2017

World must share wealth & stop funding dictators like #Uganda's @KagutaMuseveni by @Potus @JustinTrudeau @BBC @CBC @WSJ @Business @DailyMonitor

For as long as the world refuses to see that hunger and impoverishment run contra to everything good they are trying to do, we shall have terrorism.
The world has a huge population of well educated young people who see no future at all and also want a share of the pie.  You have engineers and smart kids who have no jobs and no food for their families.  Many of them look at us who have basics as gluttons.
It is worse.  They see North America and Europe funding despots who have stolen the futures of these young people.  Terrorism is now very easy to understand.  When you have nothing to lose, you are willing to die to at least make a difference for the future generations.
The United States of Africa (USA), Canada, UK, EU and UN are being alerted that you shall never know peace until we all experience peace.  You shall never sleep without worry until you stop killing us or facilitating for us to be killed by the arms you give to the African dictators.
Last week I even felt like becoming a terrorist myself when I found out that Ugandans are eating termites to avoid hunger or committing suicide.  In fact it was a very bad week because I also found out that Washington intends to continue funding President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda to continue slaughtering his people and invading neighbouring countries.  For some reason you all do not know that this man is a war monger and hates Ugandans.  All your problems in the Great Lakes Region of Africa are because of him and please stop sending us rif raf refugees from the wars you fund.  You give them rice and meat, beans, medical care, education and skills training.  But Ugandans are digging up ants to survive.  Some even live on green mangoes and root tubers that only Bushmen know which are safe and which are not.  Some even eat water lillies as if they are Chinese. Some eat tree leaves as though they were monkeys.
On the terrorism thing , do not even think I am that gullible.  I cannot even stand a bite by a mosquito.  Those stupid mosquitos are now showing up and there is nothing like being loved by mosquitos.  They are blood suckers and leave allergies that land some of us in hospital.  So the whole bomb thing means people are really angry to go to that extent.  Not there yet and it will take the earth stopping before it happens.
You just need to understand why more and more young people are being recruited into terrorism.  You really have not left them choices.  Just think about it, Uganda is exporting slaves to Arabs and you are all okay with it.
How many hundreds, thousands, millions in Africa (Uganda and surrounding countries) must be killed in genocide until you realise that #UgandaLivesMatter?
Your children now live in a Global Village.  Believe it, your children will one day ask you why you kept funding Museveni while he was slaughtering his own people and laughing about it and then calling you Useless, Parasites and STUPID.  So we shall all soon understand (some of you know already) why he calls you stupid and useless.  It is because you cannot stop him and you are now complicit in all the crimes he has committed in Africa.  Will you repent before the heavens open up and pour thunder on you such that you will have no place to run to hide?  No mountain will hide you.  The valleys will fill up with the shit which runs downhill and swallow you.  The lakes will get too hot for you to take a cooling bath.  The skies will spew ashes from volcanoes until you repent and then say we told you so.  Your lives are not more important than the lives of my people!
Martha Leah Nangalama
WAIT.  I forgot to mention President Vladmir Putin.  Will be right back. 

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