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Why Geoffrey Byamukama's torture was inevitable - #Uganda #Torture @KagutaMuseveni @aKasingye @IGPUganda @PoliceUg

This week, pictures of the tortured mayor Kamwenge town Council became viral on social media with the majority section of Ugandans condemning security agencies for the gruesome act.
I am writing this as a citizen of Kamwenge town Council and a voter of the embattled mayor, however my aim is to give a different view and perspective of Geoffrey Byamukama's personality as one of the senior leaders of NRM.
Education back ground.
Geoffrey Byamukama was born and raised in Kamwenge town Council in Kamwenge district, he never studied much and it's suspected that he completed primary seven although he can speak some good English.
Early life
Geoffrey during Obote 1 regime was a security guard at Kamwenge sub county headquarters as a body guard to the then head of security for the sub county.  When NRM captured power, he joined some defence groups as an LDU from where he called himself a commander.  It is said by most of elders in Kamwenge that Geoffrey was part of the gang that used to terrorise people at River Mpanga stealing and robbing their money and property, most of the traders would be going to Kampala either by bus or would have come from the train going to Mbarara, Kamwenge was then a business centre because of the train.
Some of the people who were allegedly according to elders’ part of his gang are still alive and some are prominent politicians and business people in Kamwenge, it’s is against this back ground that he was elected the LC3 chairman Kamwenge sub county, people say that they supported him because they never wanted him to keep stealing and robbing them, he should rather eat government money than stealing their money and property.
In one of the hotly contested election with one Abas Mutesasira, Geoffrey got a pick up of jerrycans full of water and deceived people in Kulambiro that it was alcohol and that after voting him they would consume all that alcohol  , by that time voting was by lining,  he called one of the villagers to first test the alcohol from one the jerrycans that had alcohol and after confirming that it was good alcohol,  the villagers lined behind his back and after winning elections when they went to celebrate by drinking alcohol, they realised that they had been duped by Byamukama and it was only water in jerrycans.
Geoffrey Byamukama commanded LDUs that fought the ADF rebels in 1998-2000 and it's that time that he became one of the darlings in the security apparatus in Kamwenge.
In 2001 general elections, Geoffrey Byamukama played a big part in torturing of and harassing supporters of Dr. Besigye, he was working with the then MP for Kibale County Capt. Byaruhanga Charles and his body guard Kasim Katongole, some of the people who were tortured and harassed either shifted to other places while others are in exile.
In 2001 he was elected as the chairman NRM Kamwenge district a position he held until 2016. He was again elected as the mayor Kamwenge town Council a position he holds up to now.
2006 Mayor Geoffrey started a company dealing nails with others in Kampala that was responsible for taking people abroad for employment, this company conned many people about 100 people from Kamwenge who paid between 3 million to 5 million but none of them was successful.
Sale of Public land in Kamwenge town Council
Currently Kamwenge town Council has no public land with most of it sold to individuals by this mayor,  one plot is near boosters on Nkongoro road, opposite town Council grounds, and another piece of land that harbors Maranatha health Centre in Kamwenge town, Kanyegaramire play ground etc., despite that he mortgaged a house opposite Magistrates court in Kamwenge town that belonged to the town Council,  he mortgages it to Ibaka bank and got 3 million in 1998 and when he failed to pay the loan by 2008 after it had accumulated to 8 million,  the house was taken over and actioned for sale ,  the house was later sold to Frank Tumwebaze.
In 2013 when the Rwenzori anti corruption coalition petitioned the minister of Ethics and integrity Rev Fr Simon Lokodo who ordered for his arrest but he was in Kampala.
In the same year, he duped two politicians in Kamwenge one Abas Mutesasira an LC3 and another big politician who gave him sh. 100 million each, he had deceived them that he would put the money in a machine that would multiply it three times.
In the same year, Kamwenge RDC madam Akello also arrested Kamwenge town Council vehicle carrying railway slippers that had been stolen on orders of Commander Geoffrey.
He kept in hiding and would only come whenever there would be complaints from the councillors and no body knows the job he was doing I'm Kampala.
In 2016 he duped one politician who was campaigning in NRM primaries 5 million which he never paid back and did not campaign for him.  At the same time, he was leading master planner of violence and rigging of opposition votes especially for member of Parliament, he would call meetings and start threatening opposition politicians and supporters that they had pangas under power ten and wanted to cause war and would threaten to deal with them if they didn't change to NRM.
Other crimes,
He defrauded one Robert of Ganyenda in Kamwenge sub county 11million promising to give him 13 m, he never gave him any thing.
In 2011 elections, he trained a militia called Kamwenge security by Commander Geoffrey Byamukama which terrorized his opponents’ supporters both I'm NRM primaries and general elections.
In 2011 he lost a son who was a soldier in UPDF in Somalia, he was given 80 million compensation, he never gave the widow and ate that money alone.
He conned people of Kulambiro 40,000 per home promising to give them electricity which he never did.
He was bought by Frank Tumwebaze to stand down for him to become the NRM chairman Kamwenge, Frank have him 18 million
He arrested his opponent Mwesigye Jackson in 2011 who contested with him for NRM chair and he won in opposed.  He gave away a plot of land owned by Hon Nulu Byamukama to people to put their stalls in 2016 general elections without shame or even consulting the owner.  So, this man has done a lot of crimes and I really shudder when I hear any body sympathizing with him, he was even tortured by amateurs, they should have done more than they did.

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