Saturday, May 27, 2017

WhatsApp with Twitter on Instagram and Facebook? - #Social Media

So many social media engines.  So many internet sites.  So much information.  Where should one start?

Two days ago, one of the very few people I follow on Facebook posted something like he had just opened up an account on Instagram and should he switch over to Instagram ow what?

I read all the comments by his friends and stopped short of telling him he was getting advice from imbeciles.  Imagine one even had the audacity to say "Instagram is private.  Facebook is public".  Like seriously, I need the mobile numbers of their suppliers for the weed they are smoking.  INSTAGRAM is private.  Should I show you somethings I have found public on Instagram and I am not even friends with them?

Another one said "Instagram allows you to write your story.  Facebook does not?" You can now guess what my comment was for the nice gentleman.

"The Internet is wide.  There are a lot of Social Media engines.  You do not have to be on all of them.  Choose what you are comfortable with and stick to it for your audience".

Turns out that in Uganda, it is FaceBookZero, Social Bundles, WhatsAPP dude can I get your Twitter handle?  Incidentally, many Ugandans use Google+ and LinkedIn...the ones not profiled in Uganda media.  There are many other ways to share information so why limit yourself?  In limiting yourself, you limit information access for your audience.  The day Ugandans go on Bing, I will bing.  If they go on Stumble, I will stumble.  If they go on Tumblr, I will tumble.. By the way, I do have a decent audience on Tumblr.  We also have Reditt but it is not so Ugandan.

Why even argue or fight about where to post your information?  People are reading what you write and share so just do your thing and they will find you wherever you are.  Please choose where to be and remember, your audience is the reason you are in business and if your audience is not on SnapChat, why even bother to tell them to SNAP?  Common Sense.

Martha Leah Nangalama
I hold a degree in Information. I research, read and write and take no bull.

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