Saturday, May 27, 2017

Well known silent killer killed Ivan Ssemwanga - #Uganda #Medical

By Nathan Span
The silent killer that has killed millions of people has once again taken another life of Ivan Ssemwanga. I never knew or met this young man who by so many accounts had a golden heart.
High blood pressure is also known as a silent killer because it kills you without little or no symptoms at all. Most Ugandans are at risk of dying of high blood pressure given the nature of our government's neglect of health centers. A human body is piped just like we pipe our homes for running water, except that the human pipes are known as Arteries, Veins and capillaries.
Blood pressure is a disease of the heart and all human beings have pressure but in order for blood pressure to be norm it must be at a certain level. Given the family history of the late Ivan Ssemwanga, he should have, been much careful of what he ate and took less alcohol or no drinking alcohol at all. I don't know if Ivan consumed alcohol but given the nature of his lifestyle one could easily come to that conclusion.
As it is the case in water pipes, sometimes these water pipes do have clogs which may be due to these pipes getting old or being careless by humans and stuffing trash in toilets or other drainages that eventually clogs these pipes and we all know the end results. In this case, a plumber is called upon to unclog the pipes but for the human arteries, veins and capillaries do clog by cholesterol which can narrow the blood's passage through these arteries. Cholesterol is a normal component of a human being but if it becomes excessive it can be deadly.
Because the heart has an incredible amount of force to pump blood sometimes these clogged arteries may bust resulting in a condition called aneurism which can be fetal or a small clot may form and could be transported from larger arteries or veins to smaller capillaries where it can cause sudden death.
If Ivan Ssemwanga died due to a clot in his brain as it has been reported in medias, this is what happened. The doctor is the plumber of human bodies and if Ivan was well advised he could have had a personal physician, maybe he had one, who could have taken care of him and perhaps live longer. That is one thing that keeps dictators live longer because they have personal doctors. It has been reported that his father also died from high blood pressure and therefore his children must be careful to have good healthcare when they get in their thirties.
Ugandans must be diligent in taking care of themselves since the government we have has less interest in keeping or educating our people on how to maintain a healthy life. Our education minister is telling us to not use boda bodas and no TV programs on how to maintain good health but we have a drunk in Tamale Mirundi making noise on TVs.
Exercise and less alcohol and salt consumption can lessen high blood pressure. Sudden death is usually (Ekikutuko) the result of high blood pressure but not being bewitched. Uganda yet has lost another promising individual who may have moved our nation in the right direction. May his soul Rest in Peace.

Our team at #UgandaNewsBriefing joins SPAN to send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Ivan.  Every death is not just one.  It takes a portion of our hearts and we all cry with you all.  Please understand that we are with you in this hour of deep pain.  A star fell from the sky.  May Ivan rest in the arms of the angels. 

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