Sunday, May 28, 2017

VIDEO: #War is not funny - we are not collateral damage

The war drums are beating very loudly.
The world is at war with each other.
Mothers with babies are running for their lives.
Children are being killed daily.
Men are strapping on their boots and guns to go to war.
If you have never lived through war, let me tell you a tale.  WAR leaves scars forever for those who survive even sometimes you wonder why you were spared from death. Try living through Gen. Idi Amin take down or President Yoweri Museveni taking down Dr. Milton Obote.  It was not very funny.  We went hungry.  Our Phys Ed was rolling down the hills in a bundle while clasping our hands under our curled up knees.  Then we had to run in zig zag to avoid the bullets which would be shot at us in case our school got attacked.  We lived on only one meal a day.  Young kids need at least 3 meals a day.  Night time was sleeping with all our clothes on our backs with the darkest shades on the outside in case we had to run out in the night.
When the guns got closer and the bombs were being dropped all around Kampala and places were being blown to pieces, we were sleeping under our beds in case a bazooka came through the window and struck our bed.  We lived on wild fruits in the nearby forest.  It was a luxury of some sort given that Namugongo is the shrine for Uganda Martyrs so surely we were safe.  We drank and washed in that pond many of your travel for miles to go and taste the water or wash in it.  We were champions.  We swam and washed in it and then drunk our own wash from the pond.  God bless the Martyrs.

Do you know what damage a war causes to a young child?  The damage lasts forever.  Please stop beating the war drums.  You have caused enough damage so why now?  WHY can you not see that you are creating the next generation of rebels, terrorists and defiant ant government people by subjecting so many to your wars?
In January 1991, we jumped off the bus and went to chillax in the TV common room at Catherine Par Traill College at Trent University in Peterborough.  Supper was always late so we always caught some shows.  The Trekkies went all weird on us.  We had an none said agreement, Star Trek first and then the news.  These boys are looking at all of us funny and we are thinking maybe they need the girls to help them with homework.  
THEN it happened.  This one Scotish kid walks up to the TV and flips it on.  Dessert Storm.  In this age?  In this age people were going to war?  It was preposterous. We all got thunder struck and did not move.  So apparently Iraq had attacked Kuwait.  AND US had sent planes with guns and bombs to attack Iraq to make them withdraw from Kuwait.  None of this really made too much sense in the small Canadian city of Peterborough.  Okay.  So Iraq invaded Kuwait.  They are both in the Middle East.  Exactly why was Saudi Arabia not responding to protect Kuwait a lesson to Iraq?  Why was America flying all the way to the Middle East?
If you have answers to the above, I am sure you also have answers as to why 14 of the 19 911 attackers were from Saudi Arabia and it is America which invaded Afghanistan and later Iraq.  Leave the things of the Generals to the Generals.
So now we have what...Philippines, North Korea and some other places I am sure.  There are wars all over the planet.  It is like Humanity has made a decision to kill each other....blow themselves off the earth.  Last time we looked, a trip to Mars was $250,000 a shot and Elon has not finished building all the space ships which shall take us all away from this place.  May you please STOP THE MADNESS! 
Martha Leah Nangalama

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