Friday, May 12, 2017

VIDEO: Update on 2 kidnapped #American kids being held in #Uganda @aKasingye @StateHouseUg @IGPUganda @USAmbUganda @EuAmbSchmidt

This is an update on the kidnapping of Helena and Henrique De Nogueira Ferrao.  In April 2017 there was a Congress hearing with Senator Chuck Smith pleading on behalf of Charles De Nogueira Ferrao
(father of the 2 children) for implementation of the Goldman Act.  The documents are included at the bottom of this story.

Two children were kidnapped from the State of California by their mother who claims that she is a Ugandan but information came out that she is a Congolese from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) currently residing in Uganda.  She goes by the names Colette Okanya and Sheila Komuntale.

She works with her mother who was featured on NTV in the included video as a woman of influence.  Little did NTV know that this woman is involved in a cross continent kidnapping of the two mixed race kids you see in the video.

I appeal to Americans and Europeans to help bring the two children back to their father in California USA.

Our American friends need to contact their elected leaders and demand that these children be returned to the USA.  Senator Chuck Smith from New Jersey has been involved with this case from the beginning. It is now over 2 years since the children last saw their father.

You should not stand up for the rights of none Americans when you cannot stand up for the rights of your own people.  Your own children.  You know very well that the US government gives $74 million free money to the government of Uganda each month and this is outside the big money they give from time to time, the military training and the ammunition.

The US Congress is in a position to cut off all funding until these children come home.  They will not come home if you do not demand for their return.

You all know, the whole world knows that the government of President Yoweri Museveni arrests and incarcerates innocent people while letting murderers walk free.  The most recent arrests being the suspects in the late Felix Kaweesi murder including children as young as age 2.  I have been sharing the stories, pictures and videos.  You need to see the gross abuses of Human Rights and ask yourselves why you would let this regime get away with such brutality and then trust them to hold 2 American children.

The woman who kidnapped the children was arrested on the orders of Mr. Stephen Otim (CID) based on an Interpol Red Alert.  She was, however, released 4hrs later by the Uganda Interpol Director Asan Kasingye who is now also the Uganda Police Spokesman. 

This should worry you because you will remember that Museveni looked in the camera in May 2016 and laughed at you all. Laughed at US and Europe.  He said ICC is useless.  Similarly, he has rendered Interpol useless. Is this what America supports?  Does Europe not care that you fund Museveni and he violates international agreements?  Do you want me to remind you of ICC and Bashir in Kampala in May 2016?

Make your choice carefully because history will judge you very harshly.  I hope your children never get kidnapped or arrested.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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