Friday, May 12, 2017

VIDEO: #Uganda minister of health defends atrocius prices for #sugar

Some of you have been following the news about the incredibly high prices for a kilo of sugar in Uganda and in fact there is smuggling going on.  Ask Kenya and Tanzania.
Minister of Trade (one Kyambadde) was in media saying that sugar makers are hiding sugar and hence the price is shooting high.  I beg to differ.  This is a scheme to force Ugandans to accept for their lands to be given to Madhvani group to grow sugar.  I wrote about this yesterday.  Be very careful.  Do not give away your land for sugar or fake jobs because once the Indians take your land to grow sugar, you will never get it back.  Just pay a visit to Basoga who are suffering from it and jiggers.

So this minister of health is castigating Ugandans saying that sugar should be a luxury because it causes diabetes and costly dentist visits.  BUT does she pay for the medical bills?  The last time I looked, none of these ministers were paying for the medical bills for Ugandans.  The saddest thing is they are so over weight from eating too much of Ugandan tax payers' money and donor funds they want to deprive us who are not 267 kilos in weight (most of us are so skinny from barely affording a meal) and then they tell us sugar is not good for us.  Well, why are they so over weight?
This is not an attack on people who weigh a lot or are obese or overweight or fat or can hardly show their neck from their cheek.  This is for all the fatly fed pigs to realise that even us, we need some of what you are eating.  Imagine Parliament is spending sh. 550M daily to feed half illiterates who cannot even fight for our rights and they tell us to go without sugar.
Granted...there are issues with too much sugar consumption.  But we are talking about a population which can barely afford a meal a day and you go ahead and inflate sugar prices to force us to stop tasting the sweetness which you enjoy daily.  Nedda.  This is not going to work.  In fact, you just keep hoarding all the sugar, drink it, lick it, consume it and hopefully get real bad teeth and diabetese yourselves.
Where was this story going anyway?  Aha!
The same minister of health had the audacity to tell Ugandans in 2014 that her ministry would start charging for ARVS come 2016.  How did that work out?
The same minister also recently said that there will be no medicine or medical equipment delivered to health centres across the country.  Meaning she hates that rural people could get treatments from their local health centers.  But who born her anyway?
Truth be told. When someone who is over paid and is barely fitting in their clothes asks Ugandans to cut back on things, first thought that goes through my head is ... you also will die even if you hoard sugar.
While I was angry and wondering why a minister would castigate Ugandans over a kilo of sugar, people who earn sh. 250,000 per month if lucky while she earns sh. 50 million per month, I looked at her again and prayed.
Denis showed up just in time.  "There is one thing about God.  They fly to UK or India for treatment we cannot afford and still return dead".  BAM!  #IthinkIamFunny!
This is not a time for fat pigs to preach to skinny Ugandans about food habits and sugar.  We all need a bit of sugar.  Perhaps everyone with land should grow some sugar cane.  It will help us to treat our sweetness and not be so bitter.  These people are on a mission.  They want us to be miserable.  They are taking our sugar away so that we can eat...what do we call that thing?  Kyimirurusa...that plant they used to grind and put in water and force us to drink mbu it was gonna heal the malaria.  You should try it since they have stolen all the medicine for malaria too.  If you are luck, you might fly to Nairobi, Dar or India and if really super lucky, Joburg and London UK.  Remember that Hamburg Germany is only for the First Family!
Jokes aside.  Civil Society groups and all the fake NGOs should demand for inventory sheets from all the Uganda sugar producers.  Something is not right.  Their financials should even be public.  Demand to see their production, sales and profits.  You will find interesting things.  We need to know how much they take in as raw material and how much comes out as finished product and where it goes.
Martha Leah Nangalama

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