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How Ugandan Victims of State inspired torture and human rights violations are hungering for freedom and national liberation.

[By Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 12/05/2017. Free Uganda (FU) is the pro-democracy freedom struggle organisation led by Gen David Sejusa]

“I don’t know if I will ever walk or stand on my legs again… I think this is the right time for God to take me. I am tired and angry; I deserve to rest forever…”

These cryptic words were uttered by Geoffrey Byamukama, the mayor of the western Ugandan Kamwenge town council, who is one of the thousands of torture-victims of the repressive Ugandan regime of Mr Yoweri Museveni.
Byamukama is one of the many Ugandans who were recently arrested

Follow this Ugandan Observer newspaper link - to read the disturbing news report on Mr Geoffrey Byamukama’s tragic experience at the hands of Mr Museveni’s secretive and exceedingly callous torture gangs, who are being accused of daily kidnappings and torture of Museveni’s political opponents, mainly at their notorious Nalufenya detention facility in Jinja District.

Nalufenya, the much-feared headquarters of the so-called Flying Squad is being increasingly compared to the Idi Amin era State Research Bureau at Nakasero, where thousands of Ugandans were tortured and perished, one reason why many Ugandans decided to join the liberation struggle which culminated in the overthrow of the Idi Amin regime in 1979.  According to the Observer newspaper, Nalufenya is equated to Guantanamo Bay a US detention camp where high profile suspects are incarcerated.

Noteworthy, many of the detainees and kidnapped captives being brought to Nalufenya are reported to be initially held at secret holding torture facilities, ironically referred to as ‘Safe Houses’, which are dotted across the country, even as far away as the remote Karamoja district in North-East Uganda.

The state torture groups using the said facilities include, among others, the so-called Flying Squad, established by General Kale Kayihura at the behest of the Uganda dictator Yoweri Museveni, also the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and, most notably, the Special Forces Group (SFG), which, until recently, was commanded by Museveni’s own son, Major General Muhoozi Kaneirugaba. 

Ugandans hungering for Freedom and National Liberation:

As torture and aggravated human rights violations rapidly become the norm in Uganda, the victims of the gruesome acts perpetrated by the numerous state sponsored murder-squads and torture militias are desperately hoping that the long-awaited freedom and national liberation becomes a reality sooner rather later.

The question to ask, at this critical juncture in the freedom struggles transpiring in Uganda, is – how prepared are Ugandans to now make the requisite personal and collective contributions that could lead to the freeing of the country from the scourge of repression and bad-governance? 
Encouragingly, numerous initiatives aimed at delivering the collective blow against the Museveni dictatorship have been under way for some while now.

None-the-less, given the gravity of the situation, it is no longer sustainable for the Ugandan liberation struggle to proceed at such a slow pace as has been the case in the last few years.
Neither is it sustainable for those involved in the struggle to proceed with such indecisiveness and the near-loss of direction, which have often-times negatively impacted and even undermined the progress of the struggle.

Truth be told that sometimes there has been a grievous lack of common vision, on the part of the various anti-regime opposition forces, when it comes to critical things such as the nature of resistance means to be deployed against the Museveni regime.

The time has come for all those involved in the freedom struggle to put an end to divisive approaches which have seen the weakening of the collective contributions and increased attempts by the Museveni regime to sow various forms of disharmony and divisiveness within the country’s opposition ranks.

The onus is on all the opposition forces in Uganda to recognise that there is no time to waste, no effort to spare and, ultimately, no chances or opportunities to let go, at a time when the Ugandan nation is facing its worst moments in decades and the rights and freedoms of her citizens are at such unimaginable peril.

The brutalised and dehumanised victims of torture in Nalufenya detention centre and in all the other torture and extermination must not be allowed to lose hope and optimism for a better, democratic and stable Ugandan homeland.

The Struggle continues!
Kaweesi murder: Tortured mayor speaks out
Geoffrey Byamukama, the mayor of the western Kamwenge town council, looked helpless and in agony on his bed at Nakasero hospital in Kampala.
Check The Observer website.

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