Friday, May 12, 2017

VIDEO: Sugar price hike in #Uganda is to justify #LandGrabbing

Ugandans need to be very careful about the current price of sugar with claims that there is a shortage of sugar in the country.

There has not been a shortage of Sugar in Uganda in many years since President Yoweri Museveni brought you peace, sleep and economic development.

As a matter of fact, the peace which has prevailed since Museveni and his National Robbers Movement (NRM) aka National Robbers Army (NRA) "liberated" you, has allowed Uganda to flourish in all aspects of development with a booming industry for sugar to the point where at one time even Kenyans were complaining that we were dumping sugar onto their market (2015).

You need to think very critically about Mabira Forest.  This sugar shortage is meant to force Ugandans to give up on their forest so that it can be given away to the Madhvani group to grow sugar cane.  Please do not be mislead.  This is a theory but plausible.  A source from Uganda has intimated this information.

In addition, remember the acres upon acres of land in Northern Uganda which Museveni wants to give to the Indians to grow sugar has also not been settled.  Will you be so desperate for sugar that you will allow your land to be given to Indians to destroy your eco-system and take away cultural land?

Do you know how many MPigs and local leaders have been bribed to push through all the land deals in Uganda to give land to foreigners so that you lose land where you live and grow food and rare your animals?  Do you know that this will reduce you to slaves on your own land, slaves in your own country and exacerbate the slave trade to the Arabs?  Exactly how do you think the regime has succeeded to sell University graduates into slavery?

The regime bastardized the education system after killing off all parastatals and cooperatives.  Education had to be destroyed or else you would get decent paying jobs or try and then get frustrated.  With no where to work, a horribly reading and writing culture, terrible articulation, most of you are only good as maids and house boys for Arabs.  If you want to change this situation, start by reading.  Read widely and learn.  In reading you will find ideas.  Business ideas.  Then perhaps that job application will be so easy and you will articulate in interviews and get a job.

Back to the land.  So now we have a sugar shortage and frustration.  We have Buganda kingdom evicting families off traditionally held land.  We have UNRA starting to evict people next week and do not forget that in Hoima the same families are going to be re-evicted and then the 17,000 families being evicted in Nakaseke as well as the 280 families in Masaka who woke up this week and their land was gone.  I can go on and on about the land grabbing but the key thing is you need to pay attention to the key issues.

The key issues are families were thrown under the bus when street vendors were evicted, Nakivubo was demolished, now Kampala / Entebbe Road to be evicted, Wandegeya evictions, markets burning down, slums all over Kampala and then... we might as well just throw our arms up in the air because even Mama Mabira was this year begging for money to go to India for treatment after NRM had sent a helicopter to pick her up from Kitgum since her home hospital could not treat her.  The current rumour is that she is crossing into NRM I suppose to be flown abroad for medical treatment and then who is now gonna be your Mama Mabira?  Who will fight for Amuru land evictions?

By the way, how is Migyereko?  I thought the naked elders put a curse on him too.  AND you people in Buganda land management board who are evicting your blood and skin from land and rendering them homeless and helpless, the thunder which will strike you.  Have you forgotten when bodies of your elders (120 to 200) were exhumed to make way for an Indian developer in 2014 or 2015?  It is your life.  They are your people. We know if you treat your own that way, some of us Banamawanga will never be treated by your elk gently.

MABIRA FOREST & AMURU LAND -- Funguwa macho.

You will remember that in 2015 I told Ugandans to plant sugar.. I said there would be a sugar shortage.  Not because it was gonna be real but it would become the weapon of land grabbing given how much we love a little sugar in our tea and coffee. Try to drink plain tea or coffee.  You will get used to it and likely never return to sugar again. Remember also that some of the so called local leaders who advocate for you to give away your land say you will earn income apparently sh. 100,000 per month working in the sugar factories.  For your land?  Are you insane?  Can this money pay school fees for your children?

Martha Leah Nangalama

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