Monday, May 15, 2017

VIDEO: Some #Ugandans attacking anyone and everyone who talks about Mengo

So this half illiterate hits my inbox on Facebook and tells me not to talk about Mengo and find something else to talk about.  I hear that some people are even going around saying that since I am a Munamawanga, I should not talk about Buganda.
FOOLS.  You are evicting 17,000 families off their land in Nakaseke.  I will talk.  You also gave away schools and much land in Kampala.  You burned down markets and kicked vendors off your Kampala streets and markets like Owino.  You connive with the enemy and now turn against your own blood and flesh.  Mbu do not talk.
I was raised in Kabembe / Kayunga.  At one time, I was more fluent in Luganda than Lumasaba and my name is Namutebi.  Nedira Mamba (I think it is a snake).  I hate snakes.
Before you discount what I tell you, you might want to know where my information comes from.  It is usually from my Baganda brothers. I will still call Mayiga a thug.  If he disputes then let him open the books for the Etoffali.  I have read too many Financial Statements and I will read his Financial Statements of where all the money was spent.  You cannot collect funds from an impoverished population and not account for it.  Stop being so blind.  SISIMUKA Baganda.
Do you think you are the only ones who are arrogant?  Go ahead and abuse and be arrogant but some of us only see numbers.  Money talks and bullshit walks.  Mayinga owes Buganda all the audited financial statements for the last 5 years.  If you do not insist on this then you too shall end up homeless and landless and eat termites.  I love the Kabaka very dearly but he brought President Yoweri Museveni to power to only now kotokho in your poho!
This fight is only getting started.  I will bury you if you are a traitor to my people.  When is the last time Uganda Airlines flew to Canada.  And if you abuse me using your China phone, I will hack it and infect it with RansomWare.  But hacking would be too easy.  I will send you a plague.  You ain't seen anything yet.  Ya think Ndiwulira (Army Worms) are bad?  I will curse you and no one will lift the curse.
I have a Masters degree in Information from University of Toronto (Canada). It entails, research, writing and human computer interaction. UofT is ranked 19th in the world for research and medical inventions. In the Faculty of Information, we are taught to find information with any means and all means. So you have to be proficient in technology and be articulate. My bachelors is in Business and Computers from Trent University (Canada). But once you find the information, you are obligated to share only truth. I am employed by Exxonmobil (biggest publicly traded oil company). So when Ugandans ignore what I say, they make a big mistake because all my information is well researched.
Here is the link to Faculty of Information at University of Toronto.
Martha Leah Nangalama
#BududaProud.  BURN!

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