Friday, May 26, 2017

VIDEO: Random thoughts - #Uganda

By Denis Wabuyi
Random thoughts
1. If they find you urinating in the public area, just cover your eyes and continue urinating.
2. Not all whose simcards were deactivated had not registered or submitted wrong information. Some deactivation was for fun, others was to test their ability to deactivate, the rest are political opponents.
3. Without doubt I have concluded that women are cannibals. If a laptop bag carries laptops, what does a hand bag carry?
4. The most successful relationship is not the one without disagreement or fights.
5. Most rich never get to know that they are rich until the poor have told them
6. A typical Ugandan will spend 11 hours in church and 2 hours or none in a class of financial literacy and yet expect to get rich.
7. If a Ugandan pastor rejects money, know that he is one of the false prophets.
8. If UMEME opened up offices near their customers, most of them (customers) would feel bad.
9. In this Uganda a person will only fight corruption genuinely if he has been denied an opportunity to "also eat"
10. Africa's best innovations have been in religion. They have even invented a god who receives calls from Earth.
Have a nice weekend!

Denis Wabuyi is an accountant.  He brought us the X - Files from the village and will soon be writing more stories from Busiu.  Stay tuned.

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