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President Besigye should act now or face impeachment

Your Excellency, Dr. Warren K. Besigye,
President of the Republic of Uganda,


Your Excellency, following your victory in the February 2016 general elections, on 11th May 2017 you took oath of office of the President of the Republic of Uganda. You undertook to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

It is now one year ever since you took oath and the country is bleeding under your watch. The Museveni military junta is pillaging, ransacking and pillaging the country this time around without any form of pretence. As if the repeated defilement of the constitution has not been bad enough, they have now resorted to sodomy. The judiciary and Legislature have been compromised, coopted and rendered useless. Cadre Judicial officers and parliamentarians have opted to connive with the Museveni's military junta to completely destroy whatever little remains of the country. For religious leaders, its God who will question them as to why they let their flock to be prayed on by hyenas in exchange for posh cars, cash bailouts and medical treatment abroad.

Your Excellency, the military junta is preoccupied with schemes to entrench itself in power by brutally suppressing form of dissent. The purported peaceful resolution of the political impasse is untenable more especially with Museveni who understands no other language other than violence. To him, dialogue is only meant to buy time for his political manipulation. Citizens have lost all hope and are growing more and more desperate for change by every hour that passes. Their only hope is in you, the national pro change leadership to guide them for an organised regime change. It is feared that once citizens feel let down they may resort to extremist actions on their own initiative which may prove disastrous.

Your Excellency, the military junta is confident that it has enough infrastructure to brutally suppress any form of mass uprising. It’s only worried of external intervention that may come to the aid of oppressed citizens.  Its for this reason that of recent the junta is more boldly switching more to the eastern communist block. Libya's Gadafi was on the verge of brutally suppressing the uprising in Benghazi around March 2011 had it not been for the intervention of NATO and the UN Security Council. Detractors have selfishly argued that Libya was economically vibrant before the 2011 revolution. During the commemoration of 60 years of EU, in his message, Museveni preferred economic development to human rights. He stated thus; "It’s okay to talk about human and other rights but growth of the economy should be the first right to emphasize."

Your Excellency, some sections of the west have either connived with the Museveni's military junta or fallen victim to his manipulation. At regional level, Museveni is ahead of events by pursuing a military alliance under the guise of political and economic federation. The only hope for Ugandans is in the USA's Donald Trump. He is responsible for your current partial freedom from incarceration.  He is your surety and has described you as "the only Ugandan patriot. He has described Museveni as a despot who should be in prison. He has described Ugandans as cowards who " are easily dispersed by a single tear gas canister before they run around like sheep when they see the police."

Your Excellency, you have the people's mandate through the constitution to point out to the west that Ugandans are not cowards but are faced with a ruthless military despot. You need to draw the attention of the west to the plain fact that the Museveni junta is thriving on posturing over manipulative liberal refugee policy, global fight against international terrorism and regional peace keeping. You need to tell them that the influx of millions of refugees into Uganda is indirectly a result of Museveni's military aggressive actions in the region. It is designed to attract foreign aid and global attention. You need to tell them that the so-called peace keeping missions are nothing but a means of holding the west at ransom thus the unending Somali peace keeping mission.

Your Excellency, Ugandans appreciate your extra ordinary courage, focused and consistent commitment in keeping the crusade for change alive. Ugandans fully understand the treacherous hurdles in the way for change. You have repeatedly stated that the armed option is not viable thus unconvincingly giving the regime a sigh of relief. On the contrary, Ugandans have lost all hope of putting a stop to the Museveni menace through other means other than use of arms. They strongly believe that you being a military officer at the rank of Colonel are better positioned to pursue the armed option.

Your Excellency, the days of armed rebellion taking to the jungles are long gone. Even with Museveni's NRA it was the government troops (UNLA) that simply invited it into power in 1986 following the July 1985 Okello coup and the subsequent manipulation of the Nairobi Peace Talks. Tens of thousands of Ugandans are serving in the country's armed forces and other security agencies. These Ugandans are being held hostage by a small clique around Museveni's manipulative ways. They have more stake in regime change than anybody else. 

That is why the voting patterns of army and police barracks has consistently been in favour of the opposition. Its for the same reason that of recent the Court Martial has been flooded with cases of attempted coups by army officers of all ranks. The suicidal courage exhibited by the Police Officer who gave you a Salaam Za Raisi (presidential salute) in Teso recently depicts the underlying desire to have a capable Commander in Chief (CIC). Though the said Police officer will face criminal charges related to subversion, he is a hero whose message was well sent.

Your Excellency, Ugandans have had enough of the Museveni junta. They want you to go back top the Operation Room and use you political and military skills to come up with a decisive strategy that will ensure Museveni's exit, now and not tomorrow.  Short of that you are bound to fail in carrying out your constitutional obligation for which you took oath on 11th May 2016 and you will soon be subjected to impeachment proceedings because incapacity. The situation is ripe and you have all it takes to deliver the desired and much craved for change. This is what the detained Dr. Stella Nyanzi meant when he told you that "the struggle is for change has taken long."

Your Excellency, I have all your private contacts but I deliberately chose to communicate to you through an open letter so that the desperate Museveni junta does not construe this as an overt act of treason.

I salute you, Your Excellency.

Toka kwa bara bara, Besigye anayingiya!

President Dr. Kizza Warren Besigye swears in after a landslide win for presidency,

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