Saturday, May 27, 2017

UN, UNHCR and HRW are useless - #Uganda @KenRoth @HRW @Potus @KagutaMuseveni @AlJazeera @BBC @WSJ @SputnikInt @CBC @LeMondeFr

UN has outlived its mandate and must be disbanded.  The biggest funder for UN is US. UN stood aside and watched US attack Iraq.  We are still getting body bags.

UNHCR survives on wars.  UN and US attack then UNHCR goes in to feed refugees.  This organisation is self serving.

I volunteered in a shelter for 6 months and the shelter was self serving.  They were living on numbers and were doing nothing to get people out of the shelter.  Most food banks work like that too.  They get funded per head.  So who would want the homeless or refugees to go out on their own?

Human Rights is perhaps the worst for people living in war and bondage.  Media is awash with demands for Uganda to investigate the #Kasese #Genocide.  It is not the first time HRW is calling for this.

Why HRW is a very useless organisation is because on November 26, 2016, we informed the world that a massacre was taking place in Kasese.  With media being cut off and threats of Social Media being blocked again, we furiously informed the world.

HRW said nothing and did nothing.  On November 27, 2016, the second day of butchering took place.  You cannot claim that you were not told.

So when UN and HRW show up this week condemning a massacre that took place 7 months ago, one can only laugh.  That very first day was crucial but you wait for 7 months to talk!

Do you know that my people were slaughtered like chicken while you took your time?  You cannot pretend to care when you only ask months later.

If HRW was serious, they would demand to be shown the mass graves.

If UNHCR was serious, they would feed Ugandans and ask all the owners of land grabbed to make refugee camps what happened to the Ugandans whose land was grabbed. Do you want starving Ugandans to register as refugees?  I know how your system works and I can help them with it.

UNHCR must stop praising Uganda for refugee camps.  Our people lose land to get your rif rafs to take over our land. President Yoweri has impoverished us so badly that people give you their land or sell land under duress. You endager yourselves and your refugees.

You are lucky I am in Canada or else I would burn down thise camps.  Feed my people!   Does it not bother you that 10pct foreigners have taken away land from my people?

If the UN was serious, they would ask why all countries around Uganda have wars.

That would be a tall call.

For far too long, organisations and agencies affiliated with UN have done nothing but hope that Africans get butchered and they show up as good Samaritans.  Damn.  Over my dead body.

SURE, one does not criticize UN without repurcusions.  I am well prepared.  Find all the information via Google.  I look forward to rebutals.  Ugandans are suffering because of your selfish policies.

May Thunder Strike You!
Martha Leah Nangalama
Canadian citizen born in Uganda

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